Some free-to-play games are more polarizing than others, with some sides taking the stance of “great, totally non-exploitative implementation” and others thinking “total pay-to-win trash.” We’d like to see on what side of the spectrum the gaming public — and by that, we mean you guys — think of certain F2P games, and so we’ve invented something new called Love It Or Hate It?

Every week, we’ll present a new F2P game and give you the option of passing judgment on it. Then we’ll look back at it the next week and see what people thought. There are no prizes, except for the satisfaction of knowing you clicked on a button and made something happen. Really, what else do you need?

Boy, did you guys have a lot to say about League of Legends! It received a Love It Or Hate It-record 1,155 votes, and tied Smite for the smallest percentage of “meh” votes, at 22.8%.

And it looks like the old girl’s still got legs. 53.9% of you gave it a “Love It” vote versus just 23.3% “Hate It”s. If you’re keeping track Dota 2 was 47.7% loved while Smite was 69.6% loved. We’ll get around to Heroes of the Storm someday, we promise!

For this week, we’ll present something a game that, quite honestly, I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a bad thing about. Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile seems to have great ARPG gameplay and the gosh-darned nicest cash shop around. Who could hate that? Someone, I’m sure…

Tell us what you think of Path of Exile, and leave a comment below to expound upon your views!

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. Yea figures, when effort and not cash is demanded suddenly we got a ton of whine.. now, ain’t that new. I’m sure GGG is so very sorry that it can’t let you pay your way to the top you filthy casuals, so, so very sorry indeed.

    PS: Those who ain’t up to date, the new update fixes de-sync issue.. i don’t need to tell you what that means.. yeah?
    And i hear ot got tons of so very juicy updates ON TOP of that.

    • Never managed to get into the awakening beta, but super hyped for desync fix. It was literally the only thing that made me stop playing, as I liked to play high-risk builds. Desync threw a huge wrench in the way that I wanted to play.

  2. Game is quite decent. Trade chat needs a hell of an improvement and GM needs to be doing things thats useful rather than doing nothing. If more events are in place then the game will be gr8.

  3. While I’m completely meh on this game, I have to say this article is my new favorite non-video thing from MMOBomb

  4. its hard and stupid to hate a game, hate the developers or publishers… or both

    a game is like a child, if its born ugly or crippled you cant hate him for that… hate his parents for smoking, drinking and doing drugs

  5. – Respec too expensive
    – Crafting system is the most horrible one I have ever seen, and they keep adding more RNG to it
    – You have to wait about six months for some of the new content in standart league
    – When playing without magic finder in group you find about 8 times less rare items (assuming 400/100)

    • You get 3-4 free full respecs a year for every character on your account when major updates occur.

      RNG in crafting was severely reduced with masters update. Most decent rares are very usable now with this edition.

      Stop talking bs and go play DiaBlow. Report back when you do everything there is to do in the game in 2 weeks.

    • “in standart league” the only people that play actual standard (not temp league) are idiots, people that don’t know better, and people trying to perfect a build.

      “6 months” that’s cause they are trying to finish and fix an update that involves adding a further 25% of storyline (of sorts),l and rebuilding half the game mechanics.

      “When playing without magic finder in group you find about 8 times less rare items”

      uhh, rares are yellow, if you don’t have so many rares you run out of id scrolls, you might have somehow gone into negative rarity…

  6. Repetitive, not rewarding. Trade system is just annoying, but hey it’s path of trading anyway. Passive tree is fine, hell so much builds to play using only one skill from start to endgame. Than you reach certain point where you either decide to reroll or spend ingame currency to reset your skill tree so you can play another build that spams one skill gem. Party system is good for gain of extra xp, but there is no other interest in it. You don’t have roll in party there are no classes, you are just you plus five more people that spam six different, mostly same skills at same time just to nuke everything on map as quickly as possible. Which is how its suppose to be in aRPG games i guess, but i must give my self a break. Found D3 kinda refreshing (started to play yesterday :3) not sure if i can give any concrete finding, but im sure im kinda guy who prefers class based RPG games and it’s really really faster gameplay than poe for sure.
    for the moment PoE is the best F2P aRPG out there. <3 it

    • “and it’s really really faster gameplay than poe for sure.”

      You lost all credibility here, D3 is a snail compared to PoE in endgame. Clearly you have never played a character past level 65 or so or you wouldn’t have said this.

      D3 is 1/10 of the game that PoE is. You shoudln’t review a game that you have barely played.

        • he’s right though, you sound like a huge noob. What does a specific build have to do with MS? It’s all your gear… You left out that party bonus also effects iiq/iir bonuses not just exp and good luck to you in HC soloing with a build that spams one skill..

          Sounds like you’ve been nowhere and done nothing. The Diablo community of preteens welcome you with open arms to their crap game.

  7. Easily the best F2P game ive ever played the level of build diversity and combinations is mind boggling the game is massively complex with no P2W formula GGG has created possibly the greatesrlt aarpg ever rivaling D2 the only complaint I have is thr netcode and desync issues but ultimately the game is a master piece

  8. Didnt find it fun. Max level I got was 16 beore I realised that I’ve been doing the same shit for past hours. Its alright for some people I bet,

    • 2200 hours in poe… i am obligated to say i like it now… or i need mental therapy… probably both, but i still love poe.

  9. Very bad skill system, very bad armor/weapon system super annoying, very repetetive and hard to say its mmorpg, its a single player game with chat, all the time u will play alone, and few times for bosses with someone random u will never talk because of super quick repetetive grind battles, most of time ingame u will go back and forth to sell loot, always full , very annoying tonns of useless items.

    • Its not mmorpg its online arpg. All arpgs are grind based. You probably not a fun of D2 and you are casueal player, so this game is just not for you. I agree only about tons of useless items.

  10. Extremely complex and unforgiving in every way but equally rewarding. By far the best PC game I’ve played in the past 10 years.

    Developers take note.

  11. Terrible HUD.
    Terrible loot/bag system.
    Terrible party system. Feels like a single player Diablo 2 Clone.
    Pay to change style of your skill. Also, tons of skills?Not. Just passive.
    Forever alone game.

    • Pay to change skill style, no one is forcing you to do it, it’s cosmetic and the best way to make revenue on a f2p game. In this type of game PoE is by far the best. How many skill do you have in diablo 3 ? How many are actually VIABLE to late game?

    • Pay to change style of your skill. Also, tons of skills?Not. Just passive.

      Oh no, you can pay for different looks on the spells D’:

      Besides, you realize there are over 100 skill gems in this game? Literally several thousand different combinations.

    • As mentioned the skills are in gems, which are all level-able and a lot being vastly different. Added the fact that some change the way abilities work themselves causing all sorts of cool interactions.

      Then the ‘passive’ tree, it may be majority plus X of a stat, but these are just bridges between the real building block passives of the game, like BloodMagic which allows for yet again a huge amount of complex differences. Then however comes the problem this game faces, “What should I go? So many choices?”, but it’s fine on a first and second run not to care what passives you get, just get the next one that adds to your current ideal. Then in future runs you can design a character.

      How is the loot/bag different from any ARPG? The interface does what it has to, yet again not much different from other ARPGs.

      And finally the party system, I haven’t touched the multiplayer of D2 but when their idealisation was literally a new and improved D2 they’ve done something right, it still works amazing if you want to join up with a friend or join one of the several, “Lets fight X boss”, “All the way to Y whose with me” “Join if you need a help as a beginner”groups, or less importantly the “Farming the ledge” group.

    • TL;DR:

      Everything is what it should be in the game.
      Skills have great customization.
      Passives have a good amount of difference and choice.
      Interface is pretty much the same as any other ARPG.
      Party system is fine, groups are easily available.

    • AGREE! You read my mind! For those who not played , go ingame and see urself or watch videos, repetetive boredom with always full backpacks of useless junk + everythyng said here.

  12. Love it.
    Even the most negative points have been getting addressed, lockstep(no desync), new servers, translation, melee and trade(a bit slower coming)
    Even though some people foam at the mouth because the MTX’s are fairly expensive, there is a good spread from cheap to expensive, the do daily sales as well AND they have the supporters packs which are even more value for the money.

    GGG have just moved into new offices which can hold upto 100 people so it looks like they’ll be adding new people to the team soon.

    • Sorry, I have to ask what do you mean by the “lockstep (no desync)” part, I’ve played this game for a while and the desync got me out of it..

      • So many noobs ranting, i bet they never reached even cruel, or maybe they are D3 scums? Yes its grindy and difficult, but what did you expect? Devs are the best in this world, so many updates, so many changes! Imo its the best game i ever played. Have i mentioned its free and not pay to win?

      • They are puplishing poe 2.0 with lockstep-mode, which means the game will never be out of sync anymore. Patch is hitting around july 10th

      • Assuming you have a server location close(ish) to you and you can manage under 100ms you can use lock step which keeps you in sync at all times,.

        The predictive sync they have now is being improved and will still be in the game for those that can’t manage a good connection.


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