Some free-to-play games are more polarizing than others, with some sides taking the stance of “great, totally non-exploitative implementation” and others thinking “total pay-to-win trash.” We’d like to see on what side of the spectrum the gaming public — and by that, we mean you guys — think of certain F2P games, and so we’ve invented something new called Love It Or Hate It?

Every week, we’ll present a new F2P game and give you the option of passing judgment on it. Then we’ll look back at it the next week and see what people thought. There are no prizes, except for the satisfaction of knowing you clicked on a button and made something happen. Really, what else do you need?

Last time around, I figured Warframe would be a shoo-in for a popular game, but maybe were surprised at how shoo-ey it was, as 70.5% of people voted to Love It. Space ninjas should be in every game.

When looking through games to choose for this week, I was a little surprised to see that I hadn’t put Rift up for a vote yet. For all the trials and tribulations that Trion’s gone through the past year or so, it still seems pretty popular, and it’s even getting a new calling soon, so people still love it… right?

Tell us what you think of Rift, and leave a comment below to expound upon your views!

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. Rift is really a great game. And its actually Free 2 Play. If you’ve never tried it I’d give it a shot. The bard class is dopeeee.

  2. I played Rift when it came out and enjoyed it a lot and stopped few months later only only because of SWTOR. It’s strange reading comments saying Rift got old quickly when you realize it came when Wow Cataclysm was already out. Anyway I wish Trion all the best, there wasn’t better MMO launch than Rift in history of MMO games.

  3. Rift is an amazing game, but its age really shows.

    Personally, I don’t mind the graphics, but what really gets me is the combat pacing. Rift has a much longer global cooldown than many traditional MMORPGs I’ve played, and it really drags the whole combat experience down. Of course, popular belief now is that traditional MMORPG combat systems are dated and shouldn’t exist anymore, which is complete bullsh*t, tbh. I would much rather have a game with a good traditional combat system, such as ArcheAge (labor/housing system aside) where I’m jumping around, using escape and mobility skills, trying to get behind my enemies, timing stuns to cancel out their major skills, etc. as opposed to something like SkyForge where I’m literally just standing there spamming shield cooldowns and “left click, left click, right click” over and over again until the enemy dies… anyways, personal frustrations aside, Rift doesn’t have that great of a combat system, likely due to age, and it makes the game much less approachable.

    I find the class system in Rift to be very deceiving as well. You’re limited to the play style of the class archetype you chose at character creation, with many of the “souls” within each archetype being slight variations of each other. Yes, they added healer/tank souls to all of the archetypes (for $$ of course, and they aren’t cheap) but they could have avoided having to do that altogether and gave players much more control over their character build had they simply allowed warrior x mage, rogue x mage, etc. soul combinations. It’s a bummer, but after playing ArcheAge for a year I’m really spoiled when it comes to class systems (yes, referencing Archage again, but despite the many reasons to hate the game, it has arguably the best class system in existence).

    I, personally, wouldn’t mind an updated Rift (maybe a Rift 2?) with the same quality of content but improved combat and class systems.

    • Well I agree with you if not fully.The game was very much polished,nearly no bugs in game,free to play model was good.Also the best thing is massive rifts to close and the server-wide boss event (am looking at you VOLAN ! ).

      What they fuck-up was making classes restrictions via $$ which imho is a bad thing.

      how this and another aspect made this good game pay to win was like this:

      you join a hardcore guild.Most of the time they ask to purchase premium souls because they have what called one third of the optimum class build which is REQUIRED in raids….

      second scenario,a guy grind whole lot of t1 items to atleast do t1 raids.Now he joins a good guild which do raids.They have limited spots for raiding.Another guy comes buys lots of boost he gets raids currency 3x more than that of f2p player.What outcome will be?

      He gets full gear very very fast and almost to get prioritize for a spot in raid compared to that poor soul who is still getting a single gear or two.

    • ArcheAge was a huge disaster as far as f2p goes. I bailed on that game after 2 days, & the class warfare in the forums was more toxic than he litter box in an elderly crazy cat lady’s house.

  4. + its not anime
    + tons of roles
    + old school target system
    + open world
    – there is no fall damage……
    – no arenas

    Rift is best F2P mmorpg FOR ME… cause it’s copy-paste of GOD of MMO –
    – w o r l d of w a r c r a f t


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