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Some free-to-play games are more polarizing than others, with some sides taking the stance of “great, totally non-exploitative implementation” and others thinking “total pay-to-win trash.” We’d like to see on what side of the spectrum the gaming public — and by that, we mean you guys — think of certain F2P games, and so we’ve invented something new called Love It Or Hate It?

Every week, we’ll present a new F2P game and give you the option of passing judgment on it. Then we’ll look back at it the next week and see what people thought. There are no prizes, except for the satisfaction of knowing you clicked on a button and made something happen. Really, what else do you need?

There’s not a whole lot of love out there for Ghost Recon Phantoms, which received about as even a split as you can have. 27% said “Love It” and another 27% said “Hate It.” Technically, the score was 73-72 “Love,” but that’s hardly a rousing endorsement.

Let’s go old school today… RuneScape’s been in the news a lot lately, with its new mega-super-hardcore DarkScape game mode being recently introduced and being one of the most fascinating things to happen to the game in years. That makes this as good a time as any to get your thoughts on Jagex’s old warhorse.

Tell us what you think of RuneScape, and leave a comment below to expound upon your views!

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  1. U retry every time they release a new version, but I always find the game to be slow-paced & aimless, no quest chains to tell you where to go next, & running speeds that feel more like tiptoeing. It reminds me that open world games work best when there’s some linearity to balance it out.

  2. This game is very fun but yet addictive I’ve been playing recently I use to play when I was younger but as I got Olde I lost in treat once pk wasnt available it’s wa over

  3. What a cra p , its for brainles s peeps who dont know how to install games and live in web, was one of first web games , its good for them, they cant get anything bettter, controls masochism, game look like po o, GA Yplay also

    • just because you probably got wrecked in pk many times doesnt mean its a bad game… theres lots of content and one of the best communities ive ever seen, worth my sub every month (over 7 years now)

  4. I was gaming before this title existed. When I got into mmorpgs… I missed this title. Post wow is when I heard about it (the f2p boom). Was too horrid to sub. Too crap f2p kodel so I never bothered.

  5. I like Runescape. It’s got a nice nostalgia to it for me. That said, I must confess I haven’t played for about a decade. It’s the game that taught me that I’m a compulsive leveler. If there’s level grinding to do, I’ll be doing it. Which is part of the reason I stopped. I wasn’t getting anything done irl.


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