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Some free-to-play games are more polarizing than others, with some sides taking the stance of “great, totally non-exploitative implementation” and others thinking “total pay-to-win trash.” We’d like to see on what side of the spectrum the gaming public — and by that, we mean you guys — think of certain F2P games, and so we’ve invented something new called Love It Or Hate It?

Every week, we’ll present a new F2P game and give you the option of passing judgment on it. Then we’ll look back at it the next week and see what people thought. There are no prizes, except for the satisfaction of knowing you clicked on a button and made something happen. Really, what else do you need?

Maybe it shouldn’t have come as a huge surprise, but as positive as people had been about Hearthstone and Dota 2, we thought a little of that residual good feeling would bleed over into ArcheAge. That, or maybe you’d all just gone soft on us, you bunch of rose-colored-glasses-wearing fanboys and fangirls.

Not so much. Only 14% of you reported as loving it, with 42% in the hating it camp. 44% preferred to remain neutral; like me, we just like having our popcorn and watching the train wreck — I mean, show.

This week’s game: Wargaming’s armored juggernaut World of Tanks.

Pros: Great competitive aspects, vast variety of fighting vehicles.
Cons: Rather grindy at high tiers, premium ammo was essentially pay-to-win.

So what do you think? Yea or nay for World of Tanks? As always, feel free to leave a comment to let us know why you voted the way you did!

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  1. To make the story short: this game is simply shit. The team balancing is not done with player level so it’s just seal clubbing. Think it will be better at higher level so spend a lot of time to grind that new tank ? It will be worse. This game only produce anger and frustration when you are bashed, or a sadistic pleasure when you bash. So, apart if you want to be the psychopath of the month, go away

  2. Iv been reading the comments and cant belive what people are writing PAY TOO WIN lol you did not go there it called gold ammo but you doo not need real money too buy it if you ever botherd too look.2nd it doesnt guarante you penetration actualy some gold ammo is even worse than normal and cant be aplyed in every situation try and youl see takes alot of time too learn this game 3rd its a fun game and by actualy being good you dont even need too grind ask me i didnt sub for 2 years and yes if you wana sub play the game get a clan get a terytory get some gold and G SUB FOR FREE then you will realise there is always skill over gear

    • That’s a huge lie bro. Also the whole point is you did put money into the game rather that not doing it at all so for the first few levels you played through you had premium, but I guess that don’t count does it ?

  3. The game is fun if not for the toxic players that inhabit it (goes for other arena games). People rely on XMV (WoT mod that shows other player rating based on kills assists and other stats in game) too much to foresee the chance that they will win and most people give up if the odds are not in their favour so that can be very demoralizing. Then WoT waters down and softens up tanks that they find are overpowered (and not Russian tanks) essentially watering them down. Random number generation is made more ridiculous with each patch making accurate tanks less accurate. Warpack, a paid for service that is used by many players, essentially a hack(Auto aim at soft spots on tanks and many other advantages far beyond anyone not using it gets, youtube it!) that could be easily mitigated if the replay in WoT let you see everyone after you saved a playback from a match. I have had my share of fun over the years but as it stands it seems to be getting worse with the nerfs and poor player participation. I will keep playing this and War Thunder to spread out the frustration between the two till then I’ll be looking forward to the next games that come out to add to the madness.

  4. some people like to blow shit up, but i fail to see the realism in this game and tbh what are tanks without troops to back them up. this game make no sence and its also a big pay to win trap.. as i would call it a “Wolf in a pay to win sheep bin” play and your mind goes… wait for it…. wait for it… credit shop cash shop popup! yea meh uninstall..

    oh and the downloader is utterly crap takes for ever to download the game and its waste of time.

    • WoT has never been a tank simulator and WG never claimed it’s a tank simulator. WoT is an arcade shooter and I don’t have a clue what kind of realism you were looking for, maybe because you are clueless, I guess.
      Second thing, there are many streamers, awesome WoT players and you can watch them play and see they are not spamming gold ammo, etc. Kids nowadays are nothing but an arrogant spoiled brats who refuse to learn something and when they fail = the game is pay2win.

      High ranks are grindy as hell, that’s true, but everyone else is in the same situation

      • ya you right they call it a team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare. lmao I can’t stop laughing at this BS title as is.

  5. Where to start?
    I’ve been playing since 2011 on an off, managed to get to tier 8.
    I’ll never likely spend the time to get to tier 10 and i’ll not be playing it enough to grind exp on elite tanks to convert with real money to make it go faster.

    The problem is that it’s ballanced around gold.
    You play it without gold and you’ll be there a depressingly long time, you won’t be enjoying anything but low tier tanks becuase the higher tier pushes you towards gold ammo, which while you can get for silver now is stupidly expensive when you already run a loss on some wins.

    It wouldn’t be so bad but with it being a team game you NEED to get in a platoon or one of the clans otherwise you’ll be playing random battles where your team normaly comprises of trolls, and the mentaly challanged…which sucks when you put the effort in…serioulsy when a t4 tank with a 55 damage gun can out damage the t6’s on the team(infact everyone on your team) why even subject yourself to prolonged periods frustration.

    But when it’s goot it is briliant.

    Also wargaming EU sucks balls, the offers you get in the US, or Russia will rarely make it to the EU, the daily login stuff for one has not shown itself on the EU servers.
    They also don’t have a list of banned mods which the US and RU do, infact as far as anyone can tell botting/hacking is fine and they may or may not ban you if they can be bothered.

    Then there is also this stuff coming from russia where wargaming RU it trying to remove all refrence to their rivals games on sites simmilar to facebook and if it’s not removed they are threatening bans and account deletion on both the social media and the game.

  6. Im currently playing another tank game, but one thing I know about WoT is that it runs on real old engine and is poorly optimised, which was the main reason I had chosen the different option. But as one dude from Wargaming forums wrote –

    ”Some people play on a stone age PC because it’s one of the few games that will still play on such old hardware?

    Might also explain why so many people play WoT when they quite clearly hate it.”

  7. People hate WOT mainly coz of d horrible grind,yes if u need a tier X u need to play 6 months and 200,000,000 credits.But the d game is enjoyable,dis game preventing me t play othr mmos even LOL n dota 2.Dont call me wotfanboy call me tankfanboy

  8. I have played WoT for two years since CTB and it was really a good game. And even now it is great game but there is nothing for you to do if you don’t have premium.. so if you wanna play you must pay.. Without premium it is so damn grindy that you will quit sooner or later.. so i HATE IT

    • I have been playing WoT on & off for more than a year total time.

      I’m able to grind to tier 10, but for tier 7+, I usually buy the tank when there’s OnTrack event.

      I just bought T57 heavy ( without crew ) when the event was on early March, so I saved about a million credit for T54E1 & almost 2 million credit for T57 heavy.

      I also buy equipments & consumables when there’s 50% off.

      I can break even in credit when playing tier 8, but it’s sure losing credit playing tier 9 & 10, but I use tier 4+ to grind credits & training crew.

      I don’t use consumable nor gold rounds in random game which I play 99% of the time, and it is hard, but I save a lot of credits.

      I don’t pay, so I got no premium tank, except T14 which I got recently from OnTrack to T57 heavy event.

      If I see a high tier tank that use same crew setup as a low tier, I use low tier to make crew & train crew, then I move them to the higher tier tank.

      WoT is pay to win game, so I won’t pay them a damn penny, but I am still able to get to high tier without losing much credit.

      I had 24 million credit before T57 heavy on track even, and it dropped to 15 million, but I slowly getting more credit now.

  9. I honestly do not understand how people think its a good game! I guess cause there are more stupid people then anyone with a brain. War thunder has a way better system, graphics, sounds and game-play. You don’t have to go back to the stupid lobby after dying once.

        • Its a game that you can play your way without spending a single coin.
          While its true that tier 10 tanks require more manteniance / credits / gold and usualy are expensive than other tiers you can still choose the tier that better fits your gameplay and pockets.
          Playing tier 1-4 being recomended for casual players, 5 to 8 to normal players and 9-10 for hardcores. Noone forces you to play a tier 10 tank or spend your money monthly.

          • While you might like to bracket types of players to tiers it’s absolutly not what happens.
            Players get to tier 8+ get slaughtered because of the total imballance of tanks V’s ammo coupled with dimwits on the team, they then go “seal clubbing” in the low tiers which is even more agrivating for your casual players

    • I agree the game is too centered around pay to play concept its not even worth playing if you don’t put some cash down on it at all I think free to play games should have a set rule for this kinda cash grab tactic its just as worse as paying $60 for the game and then pay $1 for keys to unlock cases.

  10. Good game. Bad management. Biggest update 8.0 was a sham. They announce with a patch shortly after, and I qoute: “we made the game less p2w” and they tweaked tiers and ammo. But its p2w and they know it. Never leave tiers 1 and 2 and enjoy the basic maps.

  11. I have a feeling most games are gonna end in the hate it or meh categories due to fanboy-ism, or votes from people who never ever tried the games.


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