With all due respect to the super-enjoyable-looking WildStar, there’s just one mega-huge MMO in the works this year, and that’s The Elder Scrolls Online. ZeniMax Online Studios has kept details of the game pretty close to the vest, including the real biggie: Will it have a subscription or will it be free-to-play? There are arguments for and against each possibility:

The Elder Scrolls Online will have a subscription

A few years ago, we wouldn’t have even been having this discussion. For an MMO of this size and scope, a subscription would have been automatic. Since development on TESO must have started several years ago, before F2P had a solid foothold in the West, this was almost certainly the plan from the start.

ZeniMax also seems to think of TESO as the Next Big Thing, and when you have the Next Big Thing, the natural compulsion is to wring as much money out of it as possible. I’m not saying this makes the company greedy; it’s just sound business. That’s certainly the opinion, right or wrong, that BioWare held with Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Finally, you’d think that, if the game was going to be free-to-play, it would have already been announced. That’s generally good PR, and at the very least gets more people excited about the game and thinking they’ll try it out. But their PR has been very low-key up to this point, so maybe they aren’t looking for that big rush just yet.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be free-to-play

On the other hand, the fact that ZeniMax hasn’t said one way or the other how they’re going to go might be a sign that they’re still working it out. As mentioned, a subscription was probably the original plan, so perhaps they’re still crunching the numbers and haven’t reached a final decision – or at least haven’t committed to one they’re ready to tell people about.

They also can’t be totally ignorant of current trends. With very few big-name MMOs still having a subscription, they have to think that F2P is at least somewhere in the game’s future. Maybe the plan is to launch with a sub and then go F2P after a year or so, but why not save yourself the headache and the “Oh, the game is dead, it’s going F2P” negativity?

And let’s not forget all the Elder Scrolls fans who are still very much lukewarm about TESO. Skyrim sold over 10 million copies, so that’s 10 million potential players of the MMO. If TESO launches and opening sales are “only” in the two to three million range, will that be seen as a failure? Anything ZeniMax can do to boost those numbers – and free-to-play is the most obvious choice – has to be at least be considered.

The popular opinion is that we’ll probably hear more about The Elder Scrolls Online, from the actual gameplay to payment models (and possibly pre-orders), around the time of E3 next month. Until then, what do you think? Will TESO require a subscription or not? My gut says “yes,” but my wallet says, “I hope not.”

By Jason Winter

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


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  2. I think they’ll release it free to play, And leave out the coolest places like certain areas of morrowind, hammerfall, etc, out for future DLC, which will be pay to play. Wait until everyone is hooked, then drop that, people will get it. And the people who don’t, eventually will to continue journeying with their comrades.

  3. Can’t it follow Guild Wars 2’s example, and be “purchase once, play free forever”? Subscription-less, but still require the purchase? Maybe also throw in some microtransactions for additional revenue after that (additional mounts, cosmetic items… and uh, horse armor)?

    It seems to me that Bethesda is touting this as single player-friendly, no doubt to pull in all the fans of Oblivion & Skyrim. In a lot of ways, it’s advertised less as an MMO, but as the next big Elder Scrolls game… just playable with your friends. In that case, I’d imagine it would follow the model that those games followed, which is Guild Wars 2’s model. Buy the game, and then you can play it. I never understood why MMO’s only see “subscription-based” and “free-to-play” models, but not the “purchase the game and play online for free” model ArenaNet pioneered(?)

  4. It is going to have a first person mode ( really only advised to use third person on PvP ) and will be on xbox at least so that and a controller will make a nice new feel to the game universe.

  5. i am really thinking of getting this game for the Xbox one but i have seen vids on it and looks like they may make u play with the kinect and if s i will hunt down who ever the jackass who made that a choice or even idea for this amazing and great game

  6. a buy to play business model with an ingame shop i think it’s the way to go ; even though it’s a well known ip wich is guaranteed to succeed in one way or another a subscription model is too much of a risk in today’s market , although i have to be honest , i will happily pay for a sub if the game proves to be up to the par …

  7. I think this will be something like Dust 514 or maybe Runescape; It will be F2P with the optional premium content for a fair price. Of course, some people might think that a hybrid game set-up might kill the game, but I think it’s been very successful. I’ve played games like that and 9 times out of 10, I end up cursing the people who bought premium content. People get the content cause it’s good, but like they said in the article, they’ll expand their sales of they make it F2P.

    Of course, that’s just my opinion…what do you guys think?

  8. i signed up for TESO beta but didn’t get a confirmation email should i wait for 72 hours as they wrote there you will get a confirmation email within 72 hours.i would really be great full if someone helped.

  9. I see it being b2p with some sort of premium features for subscriptions.Like extra character slots or some such.Having it be sub based is less likely just because the whole industry is moving away from subscription based pay models.Plus I think more people would be willing to get the game if there is no required monthly fee.As a long time TES fan I’m gonna get it regardless of wether it has a monthly fee or not.Until there is an official word from it’s devs on pay model it’s all speculation.And until you have tried the game stop saying if will or will not be good.wildstar could come out and end up being a complete flop,but none of us will know until release.

    @random casual gamers may be a larger pop then serious gamers.But they rarely spend that much money on a game.Most just play a f2p for a couple hours maybe a couple days then never come back again.Serious hardcore gamers like you said will be the ones to drop the cash needed to support the game.Honestly I don’t see why casuals are called gamers when most of their so called gaming is spent on crap little time wasters like on facebook.The only reason these casuals even want to be called gamers is because it’s considered hip.But none of them wanted to be called gamers or even associated to gaming 20 years ago.

  10. is TESO free2play because i here in the beta page of the site that they were giving beta invites to pc players on 11.6.13

  11. f2p is always the best route, casual gamers are a larger population than serious gamers and if they want to attract a nice following, those who play for environmental atmosphere will spend money to enjoy their time in the game. also, if they want to take a break from the game, they won’t quit the game entirely, they will log in every so often without any financial commitment therefore their experience will be more positive incase any bad gameplay/experience arises.

    hardcore players will spend even more money on cosmetics etc. to stand out among others and what not. if they really want money they should just adopt the new f2p package of having various account-level packages available to players who are hardcore to the series where they can obtain limited edition cosmetic items etc.

  12. Guys, World of Warcraft came out nearly 9 years ago. Since its launch most MMOs have tried to copy it in some way and failed because of it. The Elder Scrolls has a very long history of quality with each game being a complete hit.

    If this game fails, then MMOs are truly dead. Although I do not think it will fail at all.

  13. I’ve registered for beta a long time ago and right now since I’ve only heard on one CBT testing (that was an email notification that they started one with x people and I’m not included 🙁 …), and right now I’m just waiting for the content reveal for real, especially if I could play it myself. So basically I don’t really care if it’s F2P or subscription based or 1 time charge, just get it out for me to test because it sounds l33t!

  14. If this has a subscription they will probably have to play this only in their offices, because nobody will pay for the “ultimate game” that is one of the thousand others.

    • GOD I HOPE ITS NOT FREE TO PLAY. Free to play ruins every game. It will ruin ESO if it goes free to play. Free to play games always suck its why they go free to play.

  15. Pay once, free forever. Problem solved. Just be sure include lots of events and additional DLC to keep the player base.

  16. I would love a B2P. A B2P reduces chat bots and will still get a crowd. I wouldn’t mind like a b2p with an expansion if you wanted to do more of the story or wanted more stuff.
    Like what diablo II did. And that game was pretty successful.

  17. I dont think its bad idea to make a P2P role! or pay once to play! it will exclude some kind of players that actually shouldn’t have the game like underages making a different kind of community, and if money is required in the game and is an underage that can not afford then this one woul be controlled by the family (just see it like filter of no desired players)

    In free to play we will find a lot of troll players.(which is a headache for some hardcore players)

  18. i hope its subscription and not Free to play.

    free to play just brings in all the retards who cant afford games and just turn a good game into a shitpile.

    • That is funny because I spend more a month on f2p games than I would for subscriptions to all the games I played.

  19. What i would like from TES is to make it like the other games.Buy the game once and you are free to play it forever.And then add some exp boosts/credit boosts for ingame shop.This would benifit them and the guys that want to play free cause lets face it its hard times to pay everymonth 20$ for a game.But if you give 50-60$ from the start and never again its way better 😉 But i dont think this will happen any time soon in any mmorpg so fingers crossed it goes F2P with VIP status (increased exp ratio etc.)

  20. I think B2P is the best solution. You get the best of both worlds. If its P2P the game may suffer if its not as good as people hope to be. If its F2P the game may gain less money than expected to make, it may even be more of a problem to keep it alive. That problem still exists with B2P but one thing is for sure. If the game became P2P and don’t appeal to players expectations it will be forced to become F2P and most of the time that is a bother. Trust me its hard to change a game from P2P to F2P most of the time it doesn’t work. So my best bet is B2P or F2P. 🙂

  21. If it goes P2P then it’ll be a big nono for me and I’ll be playing Wildstar. A P2P model is not worth it for me. Because why should I pay, let’s say, 20 euro a month to play only 2 or 3 days a month?
    B2P I might consider. I am not a huge fan of TES series, but since I already have Oblivion and Skyrim (and I rarely play on either of them) I might try TESO. Although Wildstar will most likely be the primary mmo for me.
    F2P of course I’ll check it out. Maybe play it casually since a few of my friends will play it too, but it still will go second after Wildstar. 🙂

    • You say if it is P2P you will go to play Wildstar , But , what happens if Wildstar is subbed to for the first year?

  22. In the current financial climate you have to bet on them going f2p.
    Many people are flooding to the market because adding another monthly fee just for a game is illogical. Using f2p they will be able to populate the servers,while at the same time making the same or more from micro transactions.. If they choose the f2p model , how they run it will decide the life of the game.

  23. Same here, ill give it a try, and many many more players + the Fans of TES will do, if its F2P, else. will only be old fans 😛

  24. I think this game is going to flop. Looks like a generic MMORPG that’s only Elder Scrolls in name and nothing else. I hate the character design and the unfaithful renditions of many Elder Scrolls staples. It’s not being created by Bethesda and the guy behind that crappy Warhammer Online game is the project head. You’d think he would’ve given up after already butchering one IP.

    Wildstar will be the next big thing. I think TESO will be lucky to get SWTOR numbers at best.

  25. I think it will be a hybrid model with a F2P limited version (character slots, bags, bank slots, etc) and Sub version with more of those mentioned before. There will be a sort of premium pack to buy for both F2P and sub that will offer some exclusive title or in-game item.

  26. Buy To Play, i think. Rly, just cash in 40 bucks from 10 million ppl and u have 400milion. Than cash in for VIP statuses and the cooles LOOKING ( not the stat sided ) gear, and bam- ur rich

  27. any self respecting gamer wouldn’t touch teso or wildstar just stick to skyrim and get the multiplayer mod, those 2 games are complete s*** f2p or sub

  28. I heard they are considering scrapping the whole TESO game and reworking it from the ground up. The Beta was so bad and boring, I think its the only option they have. The game needs so much work, that it will be a failure if its launched anytime soon.

  29. Not gonna touch this game is there’s a subscription fee. I really want to play it but I think that buying a game and then paying for the ability to play every month(the cost of which is sometimes equivalent to buying the game) is asinine.

  30. With all due respect to the super-enjoyable-looking WildStar, there are 2x mega-huge MMO in the works this year, and those are The Elder Scrolls Online and Everquest Next.

  31. I’ll only btp at worse, no way would I waste cash on a sub / time card.

    What I’ll be looking forward to (only picked up bits of info, haven’t dug too deep) is they say ‘mega servers’ basically all servers emulate to 1 world so there should masses of people about.

    The realm vs realm is what I’ll be playing most and it should be epic as in thousand vs thousand vs thousand (well that’s what I got from one of the talk through vids, coupled with them stating they’ll need thousands of ppl for beta to test this part)

    Maybe about the most you’ll get for GW2 is 70 vs 70 vs 70 on a map, I laugh when the company state epic fights in WvW

  32. I wanna play TESO but not paying for a sub, those days are gone

    in regards to wildstar, could care less looks looks too cartoony too childish

  33. If it keeps away from the pay to win bullshit and has a subscription fee it might actually be worth playing. Otherwise im not touching this game with a 10 foot pole. Pay to win games are shit. This removed all the core gameplay mechanics of the elder scrolls series anyway so its nothing special.

  34. The game will be like GW2 or like WoW but not free to play … since it’s an MMO based on Elder scrolls series and people on bethesda forums have been talking about it for so long + the modders who tried to make like a co op online mod which didn’t work out..

    I am not looking foward to the game f2p or not … much better mmo’s out there..

    ( My opinion – Skyrim looks terrible for a game which was developed in 6 years and turns out so buggy and has horrible textures on max settings.. it’s just an insult to gaming. Companies like Ubisoft can make games less than 6 years and have rich and beautiful enviroments and I have never come across a serious bug that had to restart the whole game progress from their games)

    • If the game would be a free to play the company would get twice as many player than what skyrim did because all those people that love the game would want to play it for free and they would pay money in it therefore giving the company twice as much money than what they would get if it was Buy To Play.

      • How would you know if that would give them twice the income? I play F2P Games all the time. I myself and others do not buy in-games item that cost cash. Because of the lack of benefits they are. “oh a virtual dog, oh a umbrella, oh a hat” It’s all cosmetics, and if they put in weapons and stuff you can buy with cash. Would make the game completely redundant to play. If you wanted to play TESO so bad. You would play it regardless. If money is a problem. You should go find a job, and not be playing game. IF you’re a kid? Your parent might buy it for you. If not ask them to do odd jobs. Because just like you? Those developer needs money.

  35. I say the game should be free to play, because i’m a huge elder scrolls fan and if the game will be pay to play, why don’t i just buy the game skyrim instead of getting the Elder Scrolls Online for the pc i wont care if some elements of the game you will have to buy, but i do know that the free to play markets will boost your money because when people find out about the game being free to play they will not have to go spend 30 to 40 dollars getting a game they can’t play with their friends when they can just get on a computer and play the elder scrolls online for free and play with their friends instead of not having the joy of a coop campaign with a friend.

    • you make a good point there, if the game is free to play i would get on and spend money in the game and people will start to pay money in the game making there be more money in your company and when people starts paying in the game they will not want to stop paying because they will get all the good stuff and want to be the best knowing that there is someone else out there with more skill than them and they would want to get better stuff to beat that guy knowing that when they beat him someone else will join the game and become better and you will get even more money in the game to spend on what you want for updates.

      • Sub’s fee is an insure way to keep a steady income…. If this game turn out to be as good as the hype. They can and will get away with it. Because there are people who are like me. Refuses to buy cash items because the lacking benefits of the game. Putting in items that you can buy with cash like gear would be stupid. So best scenario is that F2P’s Member get lack of benefits. While P2P’s Members get more benefits.

  36. If it goes to sub it will most certainly be run in the ground within 2 years tops. Buy to play I would mind but it would feel like Skyrim or oblivion with multiplayer, but f2p games tend to swith to p2w for some stupid reason. I may try it but not quite to sure about it.

  37. I like the B2P model, it really fits the game since all of the previous elder scrolls game followed that step. But this is a MMORPG, so P2P is possible. If they seriously go for P2P, I think I’ll just wait until its F2P. But if they go for B2P, then of course I ll buy it and play it.

  38. They said they were making it subscription based because, like the idiotic morons they are, they believe there are too many f2p games now and games are going to fail because they’re f2p.

  39. Well Jason, lol

    Just like on the other topic you had posted, You keep leaving out the most possible scenario with the AAA title’s, B2P with a decent item mall.
    It worked wonders for TSW, and who know’s even if it doe’s go as a SUB ( I truely think it will ) It has to many loyal fans just about as popular as FF and to my knowledge none of them had gone F2P.
    So with loyal fans of the franchise sub it may stay forever ” If ” they are not to greedy… Remeber Warhammer Online ..Fans still pay subs and still play, sure not as packed as launch but Fan’s keep it that way.
    ESO should be no diffrent due to Lore.Than maybe dropping to a B2P if Ever.


    • I believe Jason like many others, still see the B2P model as foreign to the MMORPG market, because until recently, only GW used it. Even now, only 3 use it – GW, GW2 & TSW. Even though the model is starting to catch on, its still a very small model when it comes to MMORPGs.

      • Stop putting words in my mouth! Er, I mean… yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel.

        B2P is probably a bigger “experiment” now than F2P was five years ago. I could see *maybe* a slight chance TESO will go that route, but for something this big, I think it would be too much of a chance.

        • Hi again Jason. lol

          I have to quote you on this ” but for something this big ”

          See even yourself knows it is way to big of a deal to even think about a F2P mode at launch.

          The reason i stated B2P being the Least of launch is they have to much money and time invested. Market wise, launching it as a free game, think of the( lets ball park this) at 200K boxes sold at 50$ a box , you just threw away an easy 10 million,add a sub at 15$ is another 3 million just in the first month of the launch.
          All that money is lost as a f2p title.

    • Your “Loyal fans” don’t want an MMO… I wan’t a new morrowind with next gen graphics with loads of loot and lore!

      • I hear you all to well , But what i would like added , not mmo but something that if i wanted to do with friends , is an invite system for adding just my friends from thier own homes where ever they maybe.
        Since Skrim ran off of Steam and i see this being no diffrent i can’t see why thats not a possiblity.
        Cross console to..even at a L4D size ..4 man , More friends you have on the harder the Ai becomes.

        • Maybe that would work out, but the fact that it’s an MMO could mean it will just be a WoW clone with TES theme. I really hope you’re right in your speculations though. As long as it’s not subscription I will at least try it.

          One thing I would really love is that the Dark Brotherhood quest would involve murdering real players and depending on your Dark Brotherhood rank the higher level players you would have to kill. Would also want a gear system like GW2, where the best armour is pretty easy to get but to be able to run around with style you have to earn it. I really doubt this game will full fill my criteria but if it does then I going to feel like a Kahjiit on Moonsugar.

          P.s I didn’t mean in anyway to “pull down” your comment, I just barf’d up my thoughts and I realize now when I re-read it I might have sounded like fanboy (in a bad way) 🙂

          Regards, A friendly drunk Nord.

          • Yup me again, lol

            With your Dark Brotherhood, quest line, It would in my opinion have to be subbed or b2p , f2p games tend to weigh heavy on the p2w, and in a game like this…Thats where alot of the cash would come from than in that aspect.

            But that would be interesting.

            But with that said , In all honesty, I would love to have it be simular to wow in the aspect of each race having its own starting zone , lets say to lvl 20 so i can get a feel from where or how these races came to be and why they decided to team up with other races,

            I really hope that the story is so well thought out after all the years it has been around before meeting up in designated towns so to speak.

            Unlike WoW though i would Love to see Voice acted, Cinematic cut scenes like in TSW, That would grab my attention more than anything.From Every Quest Giver.

            I know the graphics have been dumbed down so it sure won’t look as sweet as Skyrim doe’s on Ultra on top of those snow blowing mountains , But to have that they lose out on to much potential money due to alot of players with lower to mid lvl pc’s..I understand that , Thats where to me the story becomes a Huge factor , and Event’s, Patches, Update’s..all these become a major factor as of to how long i stay subbed or even playing at a b2p lvl …some of those things missing still might not be enough to keep my attention drawn to it.

            I fear as a total F2P release , it for myself would just be passed along like Every F2P game that comes out , But making me pay or buy to play ..I than have my money truely invested into it and would take more of my time to enjoy what i bought than to ..Oh new open beta game..bye ESO.

  40. I am going to call it as B2P. That just seems to be the best model right now. People will by the game, but little will want to pay for a sub. WoW is the only real game standing with a sub, and even they are losing numbers faster than I expected. It would be nice to see it as F2P, but I doubt it will be– at least not right out of the door.

    • You’d have to deal to with those people that make spam accounts about buying gold from some foreign website to deal with in the starting area. I hate chat spam…..

  41. I hope this goes P2P. I rather pay a small monthly fee for a balanced game than pay 2000$ + in a day to be the strongest in the server :/ (not that i would ever pay 2000$ + in a MMO anyways)

  42. dont worry. every new game that makes u pay a subscription will end up being free to play anyways. every mmo nowadays has gone ftp

    • You do know World of Warcraft, is still not free to play, and probably won’t ever be. When the time comes Titan will be released and WoW will be shut down.

      • I dunno about WoW being shut down the instant Titan comes to the market; Blizzard say that the two would be able to co-exist.

        • I agree with ya Mystika, To much is still coming for WoW, the next gen has started playing it due to thier parents, If by 2015 the movie is finaly released that to will bring in more players , another expansion.. They don’t need to even go F2P ever.
          Runescape ..older but still a sub game.

          I think the future of WoW will be that Maybe up to BC all F2P or maybe just the original to get those next gen players with that mmo monkey on thier backs. Even dated though running it on ultra 1900×1080 , game still looks pretty sweet.

          Titan apparently is a sci fi game anyways. Won’t even affect WoW.

  43. I don’t think it’s going to matter what the business model is if this game is as generic as it looks. On the flip side, plenty of people are going to buy it just based on the name, regardless of anything else about it.

      • Yeah and good games don’t need subscription fees to survive, the gamers are happily buying that cute pet or awesome looking weapon skin for real cash if the game is good. Gw2 has shown that (others have as well,but I think GW2 is the best example)

        (Just bought a limited Kitten in GW2, does nothing ingame but is so cute people melt. 5€, totaly worth it)

        • But, a subscriptions fee is a better profits…… They need money to keep development team. Seriously though? If you wanted to play a game so bad. You wouldn’t even think about it. You would just go out and buy it.

      • You dont need to find a payment model, just look at NC softs history then you will know exactly what sort of payment model it will be.

        Monthly subscription, NC soft have never published a game that didnt require a monthly sub.

          • and did those require a subscription no they did not idiot, they were a one time fee kind of game just like 98% of all the other games out there

          • @ Feindfeuer :Wow talk about shooting yourself in the foot, lol.
            Read what just happened up in that conversation again, carefully, slowly, then hang your head in shame, you silly guy.

      • Of course Wildstar doesn’t have a fanbase since the mid 90’s. It’s new. If, for some reason, being older makes you think TES is better than Wildstar, you are sadly mistaken, as many new franchises are more than capable of beating out old established franchises because they’re willing to take more risks, and older ones are more than likely going to stick to their cookie-cutter mold, an expectation I have for TESO.

        • ” you are sadly mistaken ”

          I guess not everyone like you has Played Both and i doubt you have even played 1 of them!

          BTW in my so short of a paragraph DID i say either was better?
          Stop sticking words in my mouth ( so to speak )

          Maybe thoughts like that Make people like You think something is better or worse .For your the one that even brought that up.

      • This post sums up why TESO will be bad.

        I know you intended for it to make it sound good, but think about it, it’s SW:TOR all over again. While Wild Star can be a Path of Exile. One goes from super hype to total crap, the other goes from having no hype at all to being the best ARPG on the market.

        It’s a very clear indication the game will be bad.

        • It’s so sad to see people with absolutely no sens of logic.

          First of all, just because they MENTIONED Wildstar that does not mean these 2 games can be compared. Why do you mention SWTOR or even Path of Exile wich has nothing in common to the 2 above, is beyond me.
          Why must there be such high degree of imaturity on the internet ?
          YOUR post sums up why people like you should not have access to the internet whatsoever.
          TESO is one of the best franchises out there and one of the few that can be named a REAL TRUE RPG franchise. The fact that it’s gonna be F2P or SUB based is irrelevant, as people who wanna play it, will play it anyway.
          Path of Exile doesn’t have a rat’s ass on anything close to TESO, it’s just a hack-n-slash no-brain Pay2win game.

          • You have serious superiority/elitist attitudes mate, to think that certain people should be denied luxuries you yourself indulge in because of a single comment is ridiculous.
            His comment was not at all “immature” if anything your over reaction and misreading of his comment sways into immaturity. He brought up those game to not compare by gameplay, but to compare by popularity.
            TESO & SWTOR: Very hyped.
            Wild Star & PoE: Littler pre launch popularity comparatively.
            He then used the proven fact that pre launch hype does NOT equal a great product using SWTOR and PoE as examples.
            You also have slight inkling of TES “fanboyism” in your post that probably caused your mood when referring to it.
            Finally, please define to me what a “REAL TRUE RPG” is.

        • Did you ever play Star Wars Galaxies, before it was ruined? That’s exactly why SWTOR had major issues from launch. I beta tested SWTOR, just like hundreds of others did, from near the beginning of beta phases. The game had so many problems with graphics, lag, blah, blah, blah, even up until and after launch! The development team at Bioware, who are amazing people, were pushed too hard to complete the game based on the deadline provided by the production company that owns them. After forcing out a well thought out game that wasn’t polished, fans used the force to express displeasure causing the model change, and the head of Bioware to stand down.

          In regards to Bethesda and The Elder Scrolls Online, their experience in multiplayer gameplay is MINOR. Though it does stem back to some of the original TES titles such as Elder Scrolls: Arena, and I believe ES:Daggerfall. I have HIGH HOPES for this title to be successful, as the deep, rich environments, characters, stories, quests, and item customization found in the most recent console and PC titles by Bethesda(Including Fallout titles!) show exactly how good they are at what they do. How will Bethesda fail in my mind? Change the game too much. Make it TOO MUCH of an MMO.

        • Yeah, and 4/5 of that fan base were unable to play SWTOR.
          Out of a 300 members guild in WOW less than 40 were able to run SWTOR properly.

          MMOS are shooting themselves in the foot with hardware requrements and helping create a genation of graphics obsessed idiots, much the the movie industry has done.

    • Okay. First of all, WildStar will be amazing(SpellSlinger all day). The moment I heard inspired by Ratchet and Clank, I was like w00 lets play this Bi-yotch!
      Secondly, TESO will be awesome(if you actually have to move when you fight).
      Third of all, I think WildStar is to be B2P, if I read correctly in….March’s Game Informer, you can probably look it up on GI’s site.

  44. TESO dont really appeal to me.. Nothing screams new, Its an MMO in TES universe. ANy fan of TES I’m sure will flock to it but not me:\ Maybe if it was F2P I’d give it a shot.

    • I think it will be a single payment… I’ve never seen a game on console that requires subscription… But they cannot have the main free to play idea either which consists of a entirely free game with micro transactions… I hope it is a single payment so that i can buy it and not have to worry about squeezing out money at the end of the month..


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