In Episode 1 of Firefall Show, Krytos takes a look at the Dreadnaught Battleframe, a Large and Heavy Tanking Battleframe using an equally large chain gun as a weapon.

Firefall Show is a exlusive show about the free to play team-based action shooter Firefall featuring the Firefall Battleframes with plenty of tips, reviews, guides, gameplay and much more.

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  1. Well too bad i cant play this game, looks awesome though. Im from EUROPE ( Estonia ) so i cant play it 🙁 Looks awesome though .

  2. Errmmm. I play with Dread since the beta has started =) Actually the Dread can use another type of chain gun where the secondary ability of the weapon isn`t a Shield, but pre-roll his chain gun for increasing speed of fire. Also the video even didnt show to us Dread skills except 1 basic (the body shield). The Dread can be used like a turret thx to the Turret skill. That means Dread can`t move, but got high speed of fire and accuracy! So if u want to use him on the middle-long distances just make sure to have a “Turret mode” skill. Also, he has another one AOE skill: all enemies around will be pushed back from Dread. That means, if the enemies surround you, u can use it to clear the distance arround and save your @ss =)

    • He meant in the persistent world aspect dumb ass, maybe you should watch the whole video instead of bailing when you hear a term you don’t like ONE time ._.

  3. ahahaha i cant even get out the starting area cause the chosen keep spawning so quick and theres no one around to team up with lol

  4. Any chance for a giveaway,i would love to play this game and i think everybody else would, the keys would get SWEPT AWAY in a sec.

  5. first person …. yyyyy this is fist time that i hear that FIREFALL is FPS …. error… check your data and then make a comment …
    this is TPS with fps mode … which looks like when u look on texturers and model of hands and secondary weapon in fps which u enter pressing mouse wheel


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