To celebrate the launch of Star Trek Online: Awakening on PC MMOBomb and Perfect World Entertainment have partnered up to get our users free 50 Intel Science Bundle keys for Star Trek Online (PC Only). Each key unlocks Somerville Intel Science Vessel [T6] and Balth Intel Science Vessel [T6]! First come, first served!



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This key contains the following:

⦁ Somerville Intel Science Vessel [T6]
⦁ Balth Intel Science Vessel [T6]

To Redeem Your Code:

1. Complete all steps to unlock your key
2. Go to
3. Log into your account or sign up for free
4. Click the gear icon at the top right of the Arc Client
5. Select “Activate a Product” and enter your code
6. Launch the game and complete the Tutorial
7. Claim the item from the Zen Store in the “Promotions” tab

*Please note thatwhile the pack itself can be claimed from the“Promotions” tab, both items will be available in the “Ships” tab once you open it.


1. This code is only eligible for the PC version of Star Trek Online and can only be redeemed on a single account.


Star Trek Online: Awakening is now live on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. The time has come for Star Trek Onlinecaptains to return to the 25thCentury. In the newest update to the free-to-play Star TrekMMORPG, players will warp to the year 2410 and team up with a sentient hologram of Lt. Commander Paul Stamets (voiced by Anthony Rappfrom Star Trek: Discovery) to stop the Klingons from destroying the Mycelial Network. Captains will also discover a new series of patrols to repair rifts in the fabric of space, a brand newTask Force Operation and Mycelial Event to earn a new T6 starship.


  1. You MUST redeem your code through the ARC launcher only, not on the website, and not through the Steam launcher.


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