Ladies and Gentleman, believe it or not the Free 2 Play Cast is closing in on their 1 year birthday, and it’s all because of YOU! To celebrate this milestone, on Sunday December 16th 2012 at 2:00 PM Eastern United States time we will be streaming the 2 hour birthday show on our Twitch channel. Go follow the channel now at to ensure you get your automated email the moment the show goes live!

In true Free to Play Cast fashion the hosts have cooked up a ton of fun! With a total of 6 hosts joining in on the stream there is SURE to be great game talk and probably a little bit of chaos! Hosts will be sharing Weekly Bombs, giveaways, discussing news, talking about their favorite F2P Cast moments from this first year and most of all looking at YOUR comments live! Make sure to bring your OWN favorite moments or questions to the stream chat and become part of our birthday celebration! See you there!


  1. Hopefully i’ll actualy see this live show…missed the last few :(.
    Maybe you could start by poking fun at SWTOR who have already started altering their “f2p” model because of the negative feed back.

  2. nice i will be awake then and i i will be able to see it since my sleeping program is kinda stupid since i usually go to sleep at 5pm eastern united states time(thats 10am at my time)seems something good came up after all from this messed up sleeping time of mine lol

  3. Hi guys, greetings from Brazil.

    I haven’t watched your show for some time but I’m looking forward to check this next one with a bunch of hosts and hopefully some chaos 😉

    So, I checked in to make a suggestion, or more properly, start one flame bait.
    In my poor attempt to capitalize on the extraordinary number of guests, my proposition is for each guest on the cast to rant, vent, spill all your poison, unleash your fury on that game that you had to review (some of you do it professionally) but the hours lingered painstakingly and… you had to keep it professional and respectful while your big gamer hearts were crying “shut down this POS’ servers at once”; “I can’t stand the idea of enduring till the 20Th lvl of this freaking *&¨%$# and make a fair review”… and so on.

    In all honesty I’d like for you use some poetic license and go all in on the hate, but (most of) you will probably keep it courteous and just comment on your worst experiences as professional reviewers. But my hopes are that, at least, it will be enough to get a little flame wars going on in the show. Of course, f you choose to accept my challenge =p

    Till the next time and keep up the good work.

    • or another way of putting it: i’m not asking about your least favourite games, but the ones which you fervently hated. The games that you had to play for a review while you cursed the gods of gaming for allowing such a thing to exist.

  4. I hope I get mentioned on the LIVE show! Those hosts are a crazy bunch of…wait a minute, I WILL be on the LIVE show…disregard…

    P.S. See you all there!!!


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