Of course, the next MMO we expected from the company that brought us the boobalicious Age of Conan and the game with a sex scene in its intro (if you rolled Dragon), The Secret World, was a LEGO game aimed at a kid-friendly audience. Of course.

But hey, adults like playing those charming LEGO video games, too, so Funcom’s recently announced LEGO Minifigures Online should appeal to a wide audience. The press release for the game evokes that nostalgiac feeling, calling LEGO “a universally enjoyable pastime among the young at heart everywhere — whether they are ten, thirty or fifty years old.”

Players will visit several different worlds in the LEGO universe, including Pirate World, Space World, and Medieval World, while potentially interacting with thousands of other players. Also, it looks like you can be a chicken. That sells it right there.

LEGO Minifigures Online will launch in the latter half of 2014 for PC, Android, and iOS devices. You can learn more about the game on Funcom’s page.


  1. I don’t think I can really like funcom until they actually finish that graphics update for anarchy online that they’ve talked about forever. They have been “making progress and getting closer” for YEARS now.

  2. like those developer. they knew how to make something different.
    Lego mmo cant be miss, construction/destruction should be one of its key features.

    One last remark – Lego theme sounds perfect for sandbox voxel game.

  3. Pre-made characters already?? Nah i wont play this i think. Was much better lego universe if they didnt screw up with subscription zones.

  4. I’m too old for this kind of game but I’m hoping it’s not gonna be pay to win like most games for younger people.

    • nobody is too old for lego.. 😀 looks like everquest next lego version – voxel world and create ur own content 😀 think about it 😛


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