On this episode we spend some time with Zhao Yun, an MMOBomb member from Greece with a taste for Chinese history based games. With the close of some of his favorites however, Zhao Yun has had to move on to other games. What’s he playing now? Watch and find out!

Welcome to FUSE, the new MMOBomb show where we spend some time interviewing and spotlighting interesting gamers ranging from casuals to celebrity gamers, hell even the people behind the games. Do you also have a youtube channel, a Twitter channel or a clan that you want to promote? This is your opportunity!

If YOU would like to appear on the show, send information about the games you play, your favorite free to play games, your name, age, country, and any other information you’d like to share to contact@mmobomb.com and we’ll reach out to you (please include in the email if you have webcam and Microphone, Skype and a microphone is a must have, otherwise you know, we can’t interview you….). Please Note: Due to high email volumes we simply will not be able to reply to all email requests.

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  1. Enjoyed the show both u n Zhazo Yun did an excellent job , thkz for all infor,n fun .MMOBOMB and members are the awesome ones!!!!!!!


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