After a fairly lengthy closed beta period, Webzen has released Arctic Combat into open beta. Spunkify returns to Arctic Combat to check out some of the new maps and see how his skills measure up to the vets. Let us know your opinions on the open beta down below!

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  1. Now I feel alone…. the controls and aiming actually feel pretty smooth, and not clunky like AVA. I bet so many people disagree with me on this one, but it’s just my opinion.

  2. I created a CBT review giving this game a 1/5 stars for all the factual reasons. I have come back to update this review after OBT:

    It will sadly have to lose a star and be revised to 0/5. This attempt to resurect a dead FPS (battery online) has not been pretty.

    What has been called a F2P CoD sadly doesn’t even match the criteria of comparison. This is no other than a rank up and zerg up game play with about 3 – 4 hallways or paths to zerg, that is a little more generous than similiar games like Black Strike, but still, it is the same at its core a it was in CB.

    The gun balance is AMAZINGLY OFF. An AK-47 performs way more accurate than a skilled sniper and way to easily for spray and pray. The starting weapon is about useless, and as you rank up the push to certain OP unbalanced weapons is uncanny. LEaving varity something to be had.

    The Gameplay is pure garbage. I seriously shut off half the brain to play. Games like TF2 and AVA at least make you think before moving. Here, it is just try and have the best connection.

    The amount of haking is out of control. I had 1/10 non hacked matches. So prepare to room hop allot. A hacker will be easy to spot. It is the guy not moving just loooking at you and 1 firing. Or the guy that does that unreal 360 spin direct to the head. LOTS of youtube videos on how to crack this crap firewall. Enjoy hacker land. In a way, I am glad they are here, as my other FPS seems to have less hackers now. Thanks for creating a game for them WEBZEN/

    With that said, I now uninstall, and never to come back. Thanks for a dissapointing CBT and OBT.

  3. can you ppl just shut up this game is good. no lag at all and btw its openBETA <—-READ THIS WORD

    so yeah there can be problems and why the hell are some of you thinking it is launched ??

  4. Regardless of what game it is like or the individual game mechanics, it is a bad game (looking from a launch perspective). Other popular launches like A.V.A were much, much better. The game it self excels in many areas but fails in the areas that are most important. Yea it has perks… but what is the purpose of perks if the basic shooting/fps mechanics suck… making the small details that are AMAZING useless and unable to enjoy.

  5. Clearly a crappy CoD clone not worth downloading too much lag meaning terrible bullet delay
    this and District 187 are one of the worst FPS releases this year.
    I’m gonna wait for Warface or play Planetside 2

    • You’re wrong, it’s a lot different then Combat Arms. You can get perks (similiar to CoD), there are things like mounted machineguns, and RPG’s and flamethrowers which you can pick up in some maps. Another thing is, when you kill people in AC there is a chance they will drop Helicopter, UAV or Airstrike packs which you can then use to call them. I could go on and on, the only thing that’s same about them is that they’re both fps, other then that they are a lot different.

  6. 1 bullet lag 2 no recoil 3 prone shouting 4 camping 5 no skilled players 6 terrible lag
    7 the one with the best pc wins
    meaning: terrible game

    • 1. Nope?
      2. There is a minor recoil, it’s not as insanely high as in other fps games however.
      3. What’s wrong with being able to lie down in prone position?
      4. Every fps game haves campers, so your argument is invalid.
      5. You obviously haven’t played against me then.
      6. Not really, they kinda fixed it, and they’re still working on improving the latency for everyone.
      7. I’ve got a bit older PC and i am topscore almost every match. So you’re wrong again.

  7. 2 BIG hints to not DL this: 1) Re launch, already closed as Battery Online.
    2) WEBZEN/ BARF.

    But if you have no clue of any of those, and DL it anyways, or were curious to see they did something right…like me…. I am guessing this was a quick and easy 3 day later uninstall forgetable mess ^^

  8. I don’t know how it’s in USA server but EU ones lag terribly. Pretty much everyone in EU got problems with the lag now, i myself keep teleporting around, hopefully they’ll fix their servers soon.

  9. Oh man. This game… what is it. The sensitivity is different for each gun even when set at the same values… At MAX Sensitivity, the sniper while zoomed still moves like a slug, making drag scoping impossible. Switching between a sniper and a machine gun/pistol requires me to lower sensitivity by at least 15 to move at the same rate. It just makes no sense at all…


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