Aika Online is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG with fast paced gameplay, great graphics and strong emphasis on Realm vs Real combat.

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  1. this game is great after a while u get used to the graphics and this game has pretty good graphics better then most now a days and the story line/game play is amazing the reason the graphics look the way they do is because they focus more on the pvp aspect of the game then the graphics truly a great game….

  2. This game was so boring I honestly couldn’t stand it. You’ve seen the graphics so many times, it just gets old very fast. The classes were meh at best and the environment (when I played this anyways) was very redundant.

  3. I didn’t like Aika. There are so many fantasy fiction games that are free to play and Aika just looks cheap amongst them. Cheesy music and voice acting just didn’t inspire me to play it for any longer than about 20 hours. Shame

  4. Is there any way i can contact MMObomb Directly. like, can i send them an email or somthing? because i have a question to ask them, its about being a youtuber for MMObomb.


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