Allods Online is an impressive free to play fantasy MMORPG with some Sci-Fi elements that fans of the genre’s most successful titles can enjoy. It features extensive questing, intense player-versus-player combat, grand exploration, in-depth character development and plenty of social interaction.

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  1. It use to be “dead” at one point during the follow weeks after the release of the first major patch called “Revelations of Gipat”. In that patch, death penalties and cash shop items were so overpriced and so advantagious that it became a pay to win game. One such item was Incense which sold for a couple hundred gpotatoes and was only used so you can deal “prepatch” damage. Meaning all stats, dmg were heavily nerfed 50/100% and incense is the only way to get thise stats back up. So alot of people rage quit. Heck, a dozen guilds from both servers fell and were all deserted or “dead”. There were no more players in high level zones, barely enough people to run dungeons and gear up or pvp with.

    However…times have passed and the game changed dramatically.

    Shortly before and after the official release of the game…

    The cash shop was significantly improved and pretty much vanity items/mounts are the major hits there. Everything else such as Incense was no longer necessary and was obtainable in the game. It is still used to reduce negative effects but no longer dmg/healing buffs. The death penalty, Cursed items, can now be prevented easily by the heaps and heaps of free Holy charms (medallion that prevents item curses) in the cash shop.

    The game has really really gotten better. Trust me. It is a slow paced game, meaning it is alot slower to level up that an average mmo, but the visuals, sound effects, and the voice acting really makes up for it. It was worth the download.

    Try the game. It really has changed from pure pay-2-win to free2-play.Indefinately

  2. I’ve heard that this game is apparently ‘dead’ since there is no people around in the game. Is that true? If it isn’t ill definitly be downloading it. 🙂

  3. Hello, i have played yhis game about 2 years ago, when it has beta test on russia, when it has been developed, the game is nice, at least untill te last updates, i have played since begining until level 40 (the cap for so). 3 paties wasn’t killing the MVP 🙂 but it has a lot of fun and a lot of PVP at lvl 40/38, as i signed in not long ago cap was rised to lvl 43, for bow i dunno 🙂
    Have fun, great game, at least till cap 🙂

  4. Really good mmorpg, probably one of the best f2p mmorpg’s out there today !
    And I know, because i have tried A LOT of f2p mmorpgs !
    The game is totally free to play again, and there is a lot of things to explore.

    Go and play !


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