In celebration of Firefall’s recent open beta weekends, Spunkify teamed up with some community members and devs from Red5 in order to take on the game’s introductory open world “raid boss” Baneclaw! Watch as the action gets heavy and the frames begin to plummet. There’s even time to stop and have a couple luau dances!

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  1. i mean ‘First Person Shooter’ view… maybe fpp is correct
    i don’t understand why they can’t just make a free floating camera that can have any perspective

    the non-leveling idea is also good

    could do both, like gran turismo, have an arcade option and a ‘campaign’ option
    kind of a no brainer; this is next gen time, folks; quit copying blizzard

  2. I hope there is one unique sandbox game like Age of Wushu. I’d like to try new play mode without tasks and leveling. You can learn thousands of martial arts internal skills. TANK/DPS/HEALER is what I really want.

    • When I played during the open beta weekend a couple weeks ago, there was an fps counter in the top part where the window says what app you have open.

  3. hopefully i was lucky to play firefall early i got into the beta 2 days after i register for it so i can play wherever anyone who wishes to add me my game name is zhaoyun4ever

    And like adrian said that was indeed a good stream

  4. I played firefall over the open beta weekend and just couldn’t get into it,just felt to child like, game-play and the style of it.


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