Black Prophecy is a free to play 3D fast-paced sci-fi MMO with state of the art visuals. Both the Player-versus-Players combat and an exciting storyline in a rich universe are important aspects of the game.

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  1. Oh shut the f*** up m8 and stop crying like a little bitch. This game is awsome The only reason why it dont work on your computer is because your computer is out of date, let me guess your computer has an onboard graphics card that only runs games that are like 10 years old, and another thing you guys are spoilt little b*tches that only know how to complain, Clearly you have know idea what this game is about. let me tell you somthing, for a game like this to be free to play is more then what any1 can ask for, if you cant handle this game then i wonder how you will handle a game like EVE, you see in EVE when you die you lose everything, including your ship. In Black Prophecy when you die you dont lose nothing, oh and the only reason why you guys cant handle this game because your brains are too weak, judging by your b*tchy comments you guys want things made simple specialy for you, grow a pair and learn how to play a game like Black Prophecy, because it falls 2nd after EVE online.

  2. The entire prologue takes way too much time to choose sides, skipping the prolog gimps your character severely.
    Other than that its a decent reprieve from EVE. Dogfighting being the main part of this game.


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