With Firefall now finally launched, Spunkify discusses the new content added to the MMOFPS, and gives his thoughts on some of Red 5’s design decisions. Has Firefall finally delivered on its promises of expansive world PvE? Or will the game’s progression changes prove to be too severe? Tune in to find out!

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  1. sam jones on December 5, 2014

    Quick answer: It’s not better or worse, it’s the same.

    Firefall was a fantastic concept and engine many years ago – the best z-fps beta by far. Stunning graphics. Gleeful killing. Interesting resource collection & crafting. HUUUUGE potential. But alas, no content.

    So they set out a plan and tried to make a game of it. And tried. And tried. Then tried again, failed, redesigned it, tried again, failed. Miraculously convinced people to stick around. Redesigned it. Tried again. Redesigned it. Convinced people to … you get the idea. A never-ending story of enormous potential, broken promises, and laugh out loud comments from fanboys-and-designers-in-denial.

    Throughout its checkered past — 5 years running now — Firefall has always been both great (as an idea/engine/style) and horrible (as a game).

    Better or worse, no. More of the same, yes.

  2. Scott Sigurbjartsson on August 17, 2014

    This game sucks and if you disagree I’ll report you and get you banned because I’m the internet police.

  3. zzz@zzz.cn on August 16, 2014

    piece of crap, they wiped again player stuff, i quit, no point to start over from sxratch

  4. Doge on August 13, 2014

    Tetris >>>>>Firefall

  5. cryptera on August 11, 2014

    like icimaru said the dragon fly’s main gun’s off fire throws out a hot heal. another issue i wanted to address is that after every quest lvl1-40 you get a copper coin. those coins can then be used in slot machines( they serve no other purpose than to be used at slots) and get all kinds of rewards like cosmetic items,ammo,health pack, 1-use lgv’s,jump calldowns,and even 1-use glider pod calldowns. so essentially you can climb any high place lay one of those glider call downs down and glide forever to wherever you wanted to go. there’s an example of a glider call down at 37mins into your video. thats not supposed to be there. a player put that there.you can also craft the glider call downs and 1-use lgv’s. they did back in the closed beta have a heal gun that just latched on to players like in global agenda and healed your party members. but i think they ditched it to call more attention to the advanced frames and their special abilities and unique main wep. it sucks imo but i understand why.

  6. TheSecondJoker on August 11, 2014

    Game is awesome but my PC can’t handle it at good fps. Well I will continue playing on very low

  7. Ninetenduh on August 11, 2014

    Wow the Comment Section went on to become a Fanboy War, firefall and defiance are more or less different games with a Different goal, even thought they look similar the Gameplay is Totally Different.

    Back then i wanted to play FireFall becoz everyone from my Global Agenda Agency was like this gonne replace Global Agenda, the Gameplay is similar, but anything else is different.

    Defiance on the other hand is more for a Mature Audience, the setting and Gameplay is more mature or at least it feels more mature to me. And to say everyone in Defiance is the for the TV Series Hype is the most stupid thing i ever heard, the TV show wasnt available in Germany untill 20 June 2014 it was only Available to US for the most time, and the show isn’t even good.

    Both Games are Good , yet i would Prefer Defiance since its Graphical Optimization is by far better.

  8. Razer on August 10, 2014

    It went from an ambitious MMO with fresh ideas to a WoW clone. It’s a flop.

  9. Anonymous on August 9, 2014

    In Firefall, you have so limited bullets, you can’t even kill a simple mob.
    And don’t try to run, it will agroo, follow you until the end of the map!!!
    It’s rediculus the ammo/agroo issue, that’s why I stopped.

    • Marvin on August 9, 2014

      Because your a bad player?This game is too easy I’d say mate.

    • AngelWings on August 9, 2014

      Not true u 2nd weapon got inf. ammo, only u prime weapon has a limit & u can lose the mob easy they do stop when u get far away from them.

      DEFIANCE is a older game & FireFall just got release.

      • Buggy on August 10, 2014

        Actually the game firefall was out before defiance ever came into testing known fact after testing it for the last two years. Defiance in my own opinion is a game where those who like the fan boy hype with the tv series of it want to go hang out

  10. Todoran on August 9, 2014

    its a pice of shit.

  11. yomomma on August 9, 2014

    game is shit , dont play it

  12. Ichimura117 on August 8, 2014

    Spunkify i want to correct what you said about the healers in firefall the dragonfly’s main gun has an alt fire that heals teammates it does require you to be fairly close but it has a wide arc

  13. Jambock on August 8, 2014

    Well, it’s in a lot of ways different of what Red5 wanted and sold as an idea from years ago but at the same time is very close of what they intended to deliver. The main change is the addition of levels (of characters and equipments), but it was gradually happening trough the years. I like the game the way it is now, it just need some adjustments in it’s players leveling and improvements in it’s endgame idea; but it is by far different of what Red5 wanted in the beginning. Better or worst… Hard to say… If the original idea were functional and better they would stick with it… The main sin of Red5 was the years wasted with the e-sports idea. Glad they abandoned it. As someone already said here, it isn’t perfect, but nothing is.

  14. gLORY HOLe on August 8, 2014

    PLay firefall they said, it will have no bugs they said.

  15. zakena on August 8, 2014

    i still prefer war-frame to this fact being i run a alien-ware x51 but Firefall makes my pc Noisy as hell its like a car engine running next to me no clue why that happens with firefall only.

    • Chris on August 8, 2014

      you can not compare this to war frame. there not even close to being the same type of game.

      and if you can not run firefall why are you reviewing it?

    • Soulschizm on August 8, 2014

      Thats because Alienware sucks and because the x51 isnt good. i3 with a gtx 745 vid card.

  16. dildoge on August 8, 2014

    game is shit , dont play it

  17. LJ6148 on August 8, 2014

    wish i could run it

    • GMAlonzo on August 8, 2014

      i have firefall install, my advice, play defiance if you cant run firefall. defiance is better anyway and easy to run. firefall is good though, but you need a decent rig to run if good.

      • Specter on August 9, 2014

        Are you serious? Defiance is not better. I played both and would say Firefall even with its issues is still better than Defiance. But to each his own I guess

      • icify on August 9, 2014

        Defiance is solid. But you are high if you think it’s better than Firefall.

  18. hovsep56 on August 8, 2014

    the game is pretty good but it has some issues no game is perfect ofcourse