Global Agenda: Free Agent is a free to play 3D sci-fi, third-person class-based MMO shooter (MMOTPS) with jetpacks!

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  1. Having play global agenda since the beginning of the beta i can say that it WAS intended to be a Buy to Play at the start, they later decided to make it a Buy to Play and added the OPTION of pay to play for extra benefits (received bonus Conquest Tokens and Normal Tokens each day) They later dropped that idea and made it Free to Play after there was a drop in player base.

  2. Seriously guys, global agenda was NOT a subscription based game. It was a B2P (buy to play) game that had an optional sub fee if you wanted to take part in AVA. They scraped the fee before it was even implemented into the game.

    • Actually, Global Agenda was always intended to be a subscription based game… that is, until they put it into practice. AvA was a big, if not the biggest part of Global Agenda, but it wasn’t big enough for Hi-Rez to capitalize off of it, but they managed to make it seem pretty big, deterring the people that were wanted to buy it but wouldn’t get the whole package with their purchase.


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