Turbine invited Spunkify to take a look at the latest map to be made available in the Infinite Crisis closed beta. Coast City opens up new gameplay opportunities through everything from capturable points which increase each teams drone damage, to destructible environments that open up new pathways. Players must also fight over the ultimate doomsday device, capable of wiping entire teams and even towers right off the map!

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  1. Xevian on August 18, 2013

    The only Thing is good about this moba is the renowned heroes,thats all.They made a huge mistake by making a dominion style map.It really sucks,I only hope to play it when they start making a classic 5v5 map.

  2. Takerukun3 on August 17, 2013

    its too under optimized for me to even play. it’s ridicolous. won’t use all of my processor power.

  3. Christian Bjarnason on August 17, 2013

    Hey! give it a try atleast before judge-ing.

  4. Madalin on August 17, 2013

    No one open a moba with NARUTO .. There are alot of fans and the game (if its OK ) will have alot of players.. more than LOL !

  5. Curst on August 17, 2013

    Meh. Even Mortal Kombat MOBA would have been more exciting. For me at least.

    “Get over here!” ಠ_ಠ

    • Dreno on August 17, 2013

      What about a Killer Instict MOBA

      “Ultraaa comboooo” SUPRIMEEE VICTORY

      MOBA everywhere ಠ_ಠ

  6. Arieswar on August 16, 2013

    Mounted 😛