League of Legends (LoL for short), is a free to play 3D fantasy MMO developed by Riot Games inspired by the classic Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients.

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  1. ?!!!!!
    “i buy the recomended item( doran ring ) and going for potion”???LoL?and chill out there???Locked cam?wtf?
    and what with tornado placing…it look funny ;D!! wtf……..shield your friend!!!!!!!!!!!……

    • I always play with locked cam and i own.I unlock it only if really needed but that rarely happens.Basically i find it much easier to focus on my battle while having locked cam then having it move all the time,and if i want to scout some area or something i left click and hold on the map for the area i want to watch,then when i stop holding left mouse button my camera instantly focuses back on my champion.

      So i don’t know why some ppl flame players that use locked cam,its much better.

      About that tornado placing,since that was probably hes first game its nothing weird,a newbie can’t know everything.

      • unlocked the cam~
        it help you to see who on your way~
        use spacebar to lock view on your champ manually(it help alot)

        that champion . . .to hard to master~pick recommended champion(im sure he can do much more better from dying to bot)


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