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  1. lolololo on September 15, 2011

    “i buy the recomended item( doran ring ) and going for potion”???LoL?and chill out there???Locked cam?wtf?
    and what with tornado placing…it look funny ;D!! wtf……..shield your friend!!!!!!!!!!!……

    • ChrisHateZ on September 15, 2011

      I always play with locked cam and i own.I unlock it only if really needed but that rarely happens.Basically i find it much easier to focus on my battle while having locked cam then having it move all the time,and if i want to scout some area or something i left click and hold on the map for the area i want to watch,then when i stop holding left mouse button my camera instantly focuses back on my champion.

      So i don’t know why some ppl flame players that use locked cam,its much better.

      About that tornado placing,since that was probably hes first game its nothing weird,a newbie can’t know everything.

      • lollolo on October 4, 2011

        unlocked the cam~
        it help you to see who on your way~
        use spacebar to lock view on your champ manually(it help alot)

        that champion . . .to hard to master~pick recommended champion(im sure he can do much more better from dying to bot)

  2. ChrisHateZ on September 12, 2011

    Lol @ the bot (PvE) game.

  3. MoLt1eS on August 21, 2011

    omg pls pls ur embarasing ur self dont say… just omg xD

  4. trandill on August 20, 2011

    damn first never happened before and try to last hit instead