A lot has changed in The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) since our original First Look was published. In honor of the latest Riders of Rohan expansion pack, Magicman decides to look up his LOTRO Hobbit and see if he can even still play the game. Come check out the game with us again and decide in your comments below if Magicman should buy the expansion.

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  1. October 23, 2011Aye, this is becoming the trend for large MMOs now .silence when a speed-bump is enntucoered. Once the chassis is fixed, we are asked to re-tighten our seat belts and enjoy the ride! As for passowrds, I would suggest longer than 10 character, upper and lower cases, numbers, and a special character such as a in there too. Change passwords every 4 months. I have a little black book in a sleeve on the side of my computer with passwords. I’ve been online since 1984 I’ve learned long ago to be cautious.

  2. Let me break it down for you. It is pay to play/win. The whole “oh you need time” – They do not make that easy to do. Ill tell you this. Take a knife and stab your hand until you touch bone, maybe scratch the bone a bit. It will heal, BUT IT TAKES TIME. Does that mean we should do it???? It is meaningless. Sure you can grind, but that is mindnumbing and PUSHES people out of games. To pay for cosmetic or other items is a better model. IT is just fact this far into mmorpg market. Look at AION….
    Any how… Check out local forums and the insane rate of grinding they have to do to progress anywhere.

  3. Count LOTRO as b2p game, since the f2p part is trial and unlocks of maps/stuff are permament.
    RoR is pretty decent expansion with those war-steeds, but it crash for many people each 5-10min and turbine cant really fix it.
    Though i agree, there is way to much stuff to buy seperatly for a b2p game even, thats why the game is going down really fast. I barely see someone online now on my server, and as i see turbine make more regions for free to get new players.

  4. To those of you who say you can earn content with Deeds. Does this also apply to the locked classes? The ones that are clearly far better than the free ones? If not, then this game is obviously play to win.

    Also the fact that the expansions are locked unless you buy, and you can’t earn, is another reason this game doesn’t interest me. All content should be available to all players in a free to play game. Micro transactions should be more towards cosmetics, mounts, unique items, exp boosts, etc. Not game content and power. There are a lot of games out there that prove how to do it right. League of Legends is a perfect example of this. LotRO is clearly not one of them.

  5. You can do whatever you want to in this game. You can pay to get the content or work towards it with deeds. I have played till level 50 without paying for anything but like WOW you do need expansion packs. The story is great and the book quests are good. You can do deeds to get points to unlock new nigher level mapss

  6. LOTRO at first glance seems to be pay to win, but you can actually unlock ALL maps and areas in the game for free. You just need to complete deeds for the turbine points. It takes a lot of time, but it is possible.

  7. Hmm… One of the worst Free to Play games out there (Or Pay to do anything I should say)
    This does not really interest me as 70% of stuff in that game requires a subscription, or buying it.

    • That is simply not true. It’s not hard to do deeds in that game and earn Turbine Points to unlock content. All you need is patience and time.

      • all you need to do is work a little and do deeds. They are not hard to do when you are like level 30 and go back to starting areas and complete them


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