Metal Assault is a free to play 2D MMO side-scroller shooter with graphic style and gameplay similar to Metal Slug series.

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  1. Alot of hackers, mostly the Brazilians. Figures. Anyway, if you got a netbook and wanna play this you’re screwed. The patcher is HUGE and I cannot stress how HUGE is it.if you run a 1200×640 netbook (most netbooks do) the patcher extends two inches below the screen. Guess where the start button is? Yep under the said two inches, alongside the loading bar. And I know most of you are thinking, just press “Enter” when its done. No dice, it just presses close. And alt then enter, just brings up some options (none of which help) and in this menu is move. Good luck moving it, it snaps back to it original position. I tried to start a petition on it, either not enough people care, or Aeria Games doesn’t (who would have seen that outcome).

    • Hey MMOBomb, you should make a “Made For Netbook” section. List games that come out that have low enough specifications for netbooks. Because alot of the younger gamers parents wont shell out the cash for a full laptop or desktop. The only reason I got a netbook is for my music, and because its pink 😀
      I’m not asking individual reviews, or you to test every netbook.
      Here, I’ll start you off, Grand Chase, Elsword, Maplestory, and La Tale.


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