Neverwinter Control Wizard w/ Cryptic Q&A – Gameplay Action

Neverwinter Control Wizard w/ Cryptic Q&A - Gameplay Action 2

Leading up to the third beta weekend, Spunkify was invited to check out the latest mini-dungeon mode called Skirmish along with the Domination style PvP. Watch as he tries out the new Control Wizard class while speaking with Cryptic devs about Neverwinter’s open world aspects, foundry content, user feedback and more!

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  1. I’ve played this game for two weeks, but I don’t like the task map is only in the US golden time. I still prefer Age of Wushu, which is far more interesting than this one.

  2. No objection! But I still hold the point that MMO without charater-level makes me more excited. For example, Age of Wushu, EVE Online, City of Heroes…

  3. It look’s like an awesome game but I gotta say as a true D&D fan cookie cutter classes & no multi classing sucks & that is one aspect this game is missing from true D&D!

  4. P.S. Also I’m Very happy you asked the question regarding Farming the Foundry, because they did the same thing in City of Heroes and just made missions to Power Level up to 50 and what not. While I love the ability to Create my own quests and stuff there is always someone who wants to see the world burn. I don’t want to see the Foundry taken off the game, it is something that EVERY D&D Online game needs and Should have.


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