In each video of this humble special mini-series, we will be taking a look at the classes that make up the backbone of any futuristic army. In this episode we will talk about the Heavy Assault, the designated anti-vehicle class of Planetside 2, and the Max class, which is essentially a walking tank with modular weapons mounted on each arm.

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In our Gameplay Action video series we revisit our favorite free to play MMORPG and MMO games checking out new updates, events, or just having fun! Count also with walktroughs, guides and much more.


  1. im sure im not one of the few who think this game is redundantly lame and boring and id rather player call of duty LITERALLY

  2. good video good game too bad it requires a god like pc to run it and also i think Spunk is really made for this job he is like someone who will explain u VERY DETAILED something if u actually interested in a game and give u prons and cons and thats 1 of the reasons why i love him.

    Keep up the good work Spunk i will always support you wherever you go

      • mhm yep god like pc i got the specs required for the game and the moment i entered it instant freeze for 1m or more or lag every 5 sec then i quess that might be of my connection(which i doubt)but i do believe its my pc so ya too bad for me

  3. Mounted~~
    Also i found the video quite informative the information is quite useful to those of us who can’t play PS2 yet due to G25 errors but once I upgrade my computer and get into the game which i definetly will I’ll be ahead of the game thanks to these videos.

    Thank you MMOBOMB and a Ray of -Sunshine- to each and everyone of you.


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