Earlier in the week we announced a chance for you to play with some of us here at MMOBomb as well as some of the developers from Universal Monsters Online. We had an absolute blast hanging out with you guys and playing a couple matches of Bigpoint’s new browser based MOBA which takes a few liberties to create an interestingly unique MOBA experience.

Check out Spunkify’s commentary during one of the intense games above!

To find more about Universal Monsters Online check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. DonΒ΄t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

In our Gameplay Action video series we revisit our favorite free to play MMORPG and MMO games checking out new updates, events, or just having fun!

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  1. Mitkosa on September 2, 2012

    The game is still abandon πŸ™

  2. Jellopy on September 1, 2012

    I’m not big on mobas but this does look kinda fun to me.

  3. Tibirian on August 31, 2012

    Haha sweet! We kicked spunkify his ass :$ But i still love the guy! Was a good game guys! πŸ˜€

  4. Draugen on August 31, 2012

    that event was fun it was awesome to play with Magicman

    • Magicman on September 1, 2012

      It was awesome playing with other MMOBombers! πŸ™‚
      Thanks all for coming!

  5. Curst on August 31, 2012

    Looks kind of boring. And even though the match is relatively short it feels as if it is too slow .. … Or maybe it’s just that I played DotA 2 too much lately.

  6. Jonh on August 31, 2012

    which games you actually play, Spunkify?