World of Tanks is a 3D free to play MMO shooter game exclusively focused on the armored warfare in the mid-20th century.

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  1. W.O.T. is allllllll some. the usa tanks are not better then any other. they all have there pros and cons. for the middle class of teir 5 (teir is the lvling system of wot.) the usa T1 heavy is a coffen. how ever the ussr Kv is a beast in the teir 5. the T1 heavy is nice reload time and quick grinding however the Kv is close to a arty time reload. which is bad but not bad. The Kv has a 15mm M-10 cannon however it is nice to one shot other tanks. your reload time high. it allows you you 2.7 shots a min. which is not so hot. the top cannon for the T1 heavy is a 76mm M1A1 with 18.99 ROF. this seems like the better cannon but when you add in the rel effect to the game the kv has the sloping armorer. This is a long gated battle and fight between players and developers. how ever in there next patch 6.4 the tech trees of all tanks is getting a major over haul…….. biohazertd

  2. everyone thinks russian is more OP but its really not. its just that u need to know how to deal with them. its like the t54 for example if you have a heap of TD’s just picking them off you’ll be fine. there quick and moderately armoured. I’m sure though if your in another tank with a gun able to penetrate there armour all you have to do is track them. then kill them.

    the best thing about this game is theres always a counter and better tanks most of the time doesnt win out againsed better armour. (unless its a Tier 1 tank Vs a Maus… 🙁 )

    also a tip when first playing just sit in you cap hang back and test the controls. get used to it. things like when you see an enemy if you can get cover, aim, wait till your reticule reduces and then fire! no use shooting if you cant hit a target!

    • Edit:

      the best thing about this game is there’s always a counter and better tanks most of the time doesn’t win out against teamwork. (unless its a Tier 1 tank Vs a Maus… 🙁 ) “

  3. and i am not talking about the advantage premium users get.
    they need to get advantage as in every other game(some ppl just need it i guess and they are willing to spend some real money to get it)
    well ,surely the developers need people like these (just like in every other free to play online game)
    but…<——which part you didnt understand here "Jimac" ???
    are you talking about PREMIUM friends or free players who could possably be your friends?
    mybe you should read my rent once again very slowly
    or mybe my english aint so perfect so you would understand what i want to tell here

    i also play many other internet "free to play" games and on fev of em i do spend real money
    because i like the developers
    i am a hard core gamer and if i like the game i take it the hard way
    but…i think i am wasting my breath
    see how nice it is to constantly play against bigger tanks with a team full of retards
    i do play it.and play it for free.and i think with my fragrate 1.7 i am doing pretty well.
    but you must understand i have a group of friends following me in games
    and they all deny to play this good game because we cant team up and play together against others for free.even if the game is advertized as free to play.

    thnx for your time

  4. I’ve got to disagree with dGamerG, you can easily play this game for free without paying for a premium account. You just make slower progress up the tech tree to the bigger tanks and not even that much slower. As for not being able to join up with other players without a premium account, again not quite accurate. You will be able to platoon up but you will not be able to start the platoon, but as there are always people looking to invite others into their platoons it’s not a big problem and if you have a friend with premium again no problem.

    In battle it all levels out. Premium or non premium your tanks are the same and you have as much chance to win as anyone else. You won’t find yourself being outmatched in your battles any more than a premium player, as you are matched up according to the level you’ve reached.

    dGamer seems to want the whole game to be as free as it was in beta…not very realistic, Wargaming need to make money and imo they are giving the game away for nothing but if you want to progress a little faster and have a nicer garage for your tanks they will sell you these little luxuries.

  5. about that “free to play”…
    if you are non premium you cant team up with friends.
    cant form platoons or companies…
    if the game modes are locked it just a DEMO of the complete game.

    it was a promising game in beta.

    and i am not talking about the advantage premium users get.
    they need to get advantage as in every other game(some ppl just need it i guess and they are willing to spend some real money to get it)
    well ,surely the developers need people like these (just like in every other free to play online game)
    allowing you to have a friend list but you cant really play with em is just sick.
    or an EPIC fail.

    afterall,thats just my modest opinion

  6. Get your facts straight.
    “ is a strategy game developer operating since 1998. The company is based in London with development center in Belarus”
    So, not Russians.
    That said, yes many complain about the T-54.
    Also, what Lendosan said. All of it.

  7. wrong opinion , russian are overpower ! ,
    i made all german tree , now i play russian and i dream USA tank
    all have weakness, and strong point
    it all about style af play , nothing more .
    in the end , historical , russian have better tank
    all heavy tree Usa are fictional , for usa first TANK , it was M1A in ’80
    america dont know built cars and tank , they build plane , and coke

    I “”hate “” russian-joke-, but i love their tanks , rockets and girls !

  8. Apart from the reviewer sounding like he was either:
    A) Reading a script (badly). MMO Bomb, choose another reviewer.
    B) Didn’t understand the game (“Erm…research upgrades your…erm…stuff.”). Maybe next time actually play the game for a good few weeks solid until you know the game and can review it properly?

    The Russian tanks are slightly OP, but every country has an OP tank or part of the tree that is broken (Example the VK’s on the German Tech Tree are far too high tier for what they can do). Its an MMO because you required experience to progress, and you can also gain experience for the crew of each tank if you choose to keep them. You gain experience from detecting enemies, hitting enemies and killing enemies. You get more experience if you win the battle, so working as a team is essential. Also you earn credits for each battle depending on detecting, hitting and killing. Gold is a premium upgrade that allows you to purchase premium time, which lets you start platoons allowing three of you (your friends, clan mates etc) to play in the same battle together. Clicking battle drops you into a random battle, so premium is a good way of playing with your friends. Gold also allows you to buy premium ammunition, which is better than the standard two choices. Also you can exchange experience using gold when you get further down the line.

    Its a good game. I advise people to go out and play it, and if you want to chat to me about it, go to

  9. I have been playing with german tanks only just because i prefer accuracy and penetration power over speed and armor, i haven’t met any tanks that are op in my oppinion just players that knows how to use their tank vs Players that don’t know their tanks limitations.

  10. Significant balancing is on it’s way. IS-4 is going to be tier 10 tank (instead of tier 9), while Panther and Panther 2 are being moved one tier down, etc. I guess it’s because soviet IS-4 was too strong for it’s tier while Panthers were too weak. Don’t worry, developers are going to get balance right. They can’t do it instantly thought, because hasty balancing often tend to create more issues then solve.

    P.S. It’s called a MMO because of the global map for clan warfare.
    P.P.S. And please, can you stop saying that soviet tanks are too strong because developers are Russians? It’s not the case. And developers aren’t even Russians. Besides… post-soviet countries aren’t too fond of USSR…

  11. I actually do think that most people find the USSR’s tanks to be OP because of their stats and what tanks they have.

    I do think that’s also because a lot of people don’t use the tanks for Germany or the USA in a proper way. The German tanks in particular have very accurate guns (Tiger has a gun with 0.30 accuracy which is damn accurate compared to the IS-tank having a 0.37 gun if I remember right) which makes them better in a distance-role. The Russian tanks were made for brute force and rushing while Germany’s tanks were made for ranged combat so basically the developers did stick to that historical-wise.

    It makes the RU-tanks seem OP, but in fact a good tank-driver in a German or US tank can do just as well as a good RU tank user.

    • Distance combat requires skill and sometimes teamplay. So, if u require extra conditions for it to be a fair fight, is not balanced.

      Besides, several maps have irregular landscape making really difficult to find and lock on distant enemies.

  12. It is a fun game. I too find the Russian tank lines to have an advantage over the other countries. Which is not surprising considering the developers of the game are from Russia. Also reality of the various tank lines vs WoT realities are a bit off, but that is more to try and create a game balance between the various countries tanks. Italian and French tanks are among the new tanks to be added, hopefully giving another country or two of tanks to play with. One thing the reviewer did not mention was the coming addition of Clan Wars. This will allow clans to fight for territories on a map of Europe and earn gold or silver for holding their territories. Kind of like a tank only version of Risk. Try it out, you might jus tenjoy it.

    • i’ve done research and world of tanks was created in Russia so of course the russian tanks are going to have a edge…. but its countered by the german tanks armor, and the USA’s speed

  13. Yup, that T54 is an utter joke. USSR tanks are the kiddie mode as far as I’m concerned. IS7, IS4… it’s pretty comic. I chalk it up to the dev team being from the USSR and just being blind to their bias. Overall it’s a fine game though and since you can test it out for a free spin (heck keep spinning for free actually) it’s something I’ve recommended to lots of folks.

    I’m still not sure what the MMO of it is, it’s totally just a FPS with tanks – that is until they bring out the long awaited, much talked about, always “coming soon” clan wars at least. After that I think it’ll be FPS with a “meta game” but either way, every company wants a piece of the MMO pie since WoW made so much $

    • You’d really have to know the real tanks to judge that. In real life, T-54 was a brilliant tank when it came out. Extreme armor, excellent mobility and firepower all in one package. It’s not a bias, the real machines had excellent characteristics. I recommend you research this a bit. See the armor thicknesses, slope angles, speed, hp-to-weight ratios etc. While I haven’t played with the T-54, or IS7 or IS4, I think that the developers made those vehicles perform as they should have in real life.

      • Actually, the T-54 and IS-7 in particular show the Soviet favoritism very well if you research them further. While various design proposals and prototypes did have all the features and capabilities these tanks have, they never had them in these combinations. The T-54 for example combines the best parts of 3 or 4 different versions into one. They get all thier benefits without any of the tradeoffs those versions really had to make. A US or German tank still has the tradeoffs of at least one of the versions.

        • Care to mention which tradeoffs are those you mention that have been left out? Not complaining, just interested, since I haven’t played them. What exactly does it have better than it should compared to Panther II?
          Still, I have to mention that I have a feeling that people who complain the most about superiority of Russian tanks and inferiority of German ones aren’t exactly playing the German tanks the way they should be (oh, and remember all that talk on the TV about Gulf War = T-54 crap). German tanks are the best snipers and long range fighters. You can’t expect to beat an agile 34-ton T-54 with an unwieldy 47-ton Panther II up close in real life? I say again, I haven’t gotten up the tree enough yet to judge for myself, but at least the gun stats and penetration capabilities look OK, as far as I can see.
          Looking forward to your answer.

  14. In my opinion, the USSR has the most OP tanks. Especially at high tiers with the T-54. That being said, it’s not to the point of it being so OP that you can’t beat it, but when you’ve got a pack of clanners with T-54’s coming at you, it can possibly mean that the game has been won or lost before the game even starts, unless your team can react, and if you’re with a bunch of pugs, it’s not likely going to.


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