Cross Fire 1


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CrossFire is a free MMOFPS game that pits two powerful forces against each other. On one hand we have the terrorist from Black List, and on the other hand the anti-terrorist mercenaries of Global Risk. Select your side and enter fast paced battles in first-person perspective.
Piercing Blow 1

Piercing Blow

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Project Blackout is a free MMOFPS game where your skills as a gamer are put to the test. The fast paced action and precision shooting – with little to no recoil to affect gameplay – will keep you glued to the game for months.
Vindictus 1


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Vindictus is an action packed free MMO game developed by devCAT and published by Nexon. It is known as Mabinogi Heroes outside of North America and Europe, since it is a prequel to the MMORPG Mabinogi.
Dekaron 3


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Dekaron (2Moons) is a action free to play 3D MMORPG set in a violent Middle Ages based scenery. The game is very exciting and interesting due to the availabilty of large selection of skills and talents which enable you to design your player as you wish to.
Cabal Online 1

Cabal Online

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Cabal Online is a free 3d Fantasy MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role playing game) with fast paced combat system and awesome graphics. The game provides quite good options with features that include a unique combo system, timed and group dungeons, spectacular animations, and massive player versus player nation wars.
Mabinogi 1


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Mabinogi is a free online game developed by devCAT Studio during three years. It’s also an innovative free MMORPG that offers an amazing cartoon look, thanks to a technique called Cartoon Rendering.
Rohan: Blood Feud 1

Rohan: Blood Feud

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R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game. This free MMO game unfolds in a rich and huge persistent online world, and is set on the continent of R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud. The territory is bursting with quests for the player to venture upon, from the most straightforward to the magnificent ones.
Florensia 1


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Florensia is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG game with several islands and the sprawling ocean to explore. In this free MMO game the players chooses from 12 different character classes and create their own ship from five previously defined models. Explore the islands and increase your levels, both in land and sea.
Granado Espada Online 7

Granado Espada Online

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Sword 2 (also known as Sword of the New World: Granado Espada) is a 3D free to play fantasy MMORPG with Strategy elements. If you love to play Strategic games and you are in a search of some online role playing game then I’ll invite you to play this game.
Last Chaos 1

Last Chaos

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Last Chaos is a free online role playing game where thousands of players join simultaneously, battle and upgrade their characters through exciting adventures, hundreds of quests and clever crafting.
Silkroad Online 1

Silkroad Online

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Silkroad Online is a free MMORPG that places the player deep into ancient and compelling civilizations: Chinese, Islamic, and European. The Silk Road was, basically, a key cultural and economic trading gateway.
Perfect World 3

Perfect World

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Perfect World International is a free-to-play MMORPG based on the Chinese mythology. The fabulous visuals support the refined gameplay, immersing players in a huge game world. Featuring millions of registered users and several expansion packs, this is one of the most played free MMO games to date.
Atlantica Online 6

Atlantica Online

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Atlantica Online travels back to the roots of traditional RPGs and blends classic turn-based combat with gripping strategy elements. The tactical combat present in this free MMORPG is a major attribute and one that is captivating players from all over the world!
Shaiya 3


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Shaiya is a dazzling free fantasy MMORPG that plunges players in a gigantic war between the opposing forces of Light and Darkness. Shaiya allows players to enter compelling quests for glory both in solo and in cooperative gaming.
Roblox 2


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Roblox is a massively multiplayer 3D game environment with of thousands of games that use physics to simulate the real world, and a virtual economy with millions of highly customized characters. Players on Roblox demonstrate incredible creativity limited only by their imagination, using core building components to create their own elaborate online games, social hangouts, and custom virtual items.
Runes of Magic 2

Runes of Magic

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Runes of Magic is one of the best free to play MMORPG. Explore the world of Taborea, a magical and dangerous world full of wonders and ancient mysteries. Thanks to an extensive crafting and reputation system, more than 1,600 quests, thrilling PVP, as well as demanding dungeons and boss monsters, Runes of Magic has something for everyone.