MMOBomb is all about the community and our commitment to offer quality content from gamers to gamers. In a new stage, MMOBomb is seeking to launch new shows and now we’re counting on you!

Your video can be the next major show to be produced by and featured on MMOBomb. So send us your pilot episode and we’ll see if it has what it takes to succeed. We know that some of the best web video producers are still out there, waiting to be discovered and to claim their fame. Since we’re always interested in talented gamers, show us your work and prove that you deserve to be featured on MMOBomb and get paid to do what you love.

The best videos will receive the huge honor of being produced by and featured on MMOBomb.

How to Enter:

1 – You must be a registered member of MMOBomb.
2 – Submit your video to (Send your video via a free file transfer services like or
3 – Please include in the email the title and description.

What You Can Win:

– You can be a part of the talented team of MMOBomb editors and video producers.
– Your show can be produced and featured on MMOBomb (the author will receive a cash reward from MMOBomb for every episode published).
– Instant exposure and promotion in the MMOBomb community and channels.
– Opportunities for special assignments and rewards.

General Rules:

– The pilot episode must be original and related with free to play online games.
– Videos submitted to MMOBomb must be exclusive property and have never before appeared or been broadcasted in any form anywhere.
– All videos submitted to MMOBomb become property of MMOBomb. MMOBomb reserves all rights to publication, re-publication and distribution.


– Videos must be high quality (1280×720). Low quality videos may not be selected.
– High quality sound. Videos must include a good sound quality with fluent English speaker.
– Candidates must be older than 16.


  1. Anyone tried this yet? Im down to give it a shot with someone i have good english a decent computer (built early last year) i have a webcam that catch’s 720p as well as a phone camera, whether we can do duo commentaries for a game maybe over skype? or play games while talking about games in general? or play different games different weeks trying to accomplish some outrageous goals posted by other members? such as most headshots in a game or something? we can brainstorm, i have skype/msn/facebook so if you wanna give it a shot msg me or something maybe we can make something work

    • Also just launched a youtube channel nothing with f2p though but its a gaming channel related to unboxings, kinda soso wasn’t really into it but if this gets launched i can get very serious about making videos

  2. Sup guys,

    I’m coming back to let you guys know that I’m out there if anyone needs any help in video recording, streaming, group videos, group gaming, or whatever. I’m a fluent English speaker, have had a Youtube channel for a while now. Just email me at and let me know your ideas and what you need me to do for ya. Obviously, if I’m not interested, that means I’m not interested ;D


  3. I have an I7 laptop with Nvidia Geforce that is perfecto with recording….but…. no ideas XD between school and other activities i dont think i could update it as mush as the F2P cast so i wud fail anyway.

  4. I’d really like to make a Show but i’m german and i’m not perfect in speeking english. I have only learnd speaking english for nine years in school now and have no reallive practical experience in speaking english with someone whose native language is english.
    I’d have all the programms i needed and i think i have an idea.

  5. I’d love to try this out, but my setup sucks 😛

    I’m sure it’s not able to run most of the high tier games let alone simultaneously record a high quality vid.

  6. Too bad you guys want a Video show. Been thinking of starting my own Audio gaming podcast since I currently have 40 MMOs loaded and cycle through then all, depending on my mood.

  7. Someone who has a better processor then me and can record should get in touch with me.. i have an idea for a series but i need someone who can record video.. i have the commentary all figured out ^_^

  8. I play only F2P games, currently Blacklight Retribution, DotA 2, Warcraft 3 (on Garena) , LoL (need to update), can play HoN too (but why when we have DotA? ), Aion, Global Agenda, NFS:World and APB:Reloaded.
    I’m waiting for some releases like Loadout, World of Mercenaries, Hedone (next phase of closed beta), Darkblood Online.
    Looking for at least little skilled guy who will stream with me and friends. Fluent English speaker is a must. Contact me on

  9. Hey there guys I am a currently 16 years old League of Legends player and would love to play with other people who play on the EU West server. If you are interested to record a few games, are able to speak english and if you can call a headset yours comment below please :)! It would not matter, if you are a new player as long as you enjoy the game. (An Editor and a Sound Recorder with a good Sound Card would be very nice to have here)

  10. I would love to get a show going on MMOBomb.
    And I happen to be over the age of 16, I know my way around the Adobe suite, and I speak English like a pro. But alas, I’m lacking any tasty ideas in regards to F2P gaming.
    Need to find that inspiration or collaborate with someone who has it.

    • Hey guys, thanks for the offer.
      I just come up with a sustainable show idea! And I’m quite proud of it actually. Which is odd for me because I usually think my ideas are lame. Anywayssssss, I’m going to flesh it out with some RL buddies of mine first, but I’d love to keep some people on standby for voice overs and in-game character acting (possibly some live acting as well).
      If you want to contact me, just PM me on the MMOBomb’s forums for now.;u=6461

    • Someone should “Free 2 Play Challenge” show. Basically each month you stick to 1 f2p game and you have random contests for several hosts and any fans/viewers who want to join in. Challenges are like completely random like most t-bags in an fps game, who can get to the highest point in a map, random running races in game, or most kills while standing in one place. Maybe have more than 1 challenge per video release and have the challenges and game info / time released a week in advanced.

  11. i wish mmobomb would make a tab on there website for all closed beta and open beta free to play mmo’s i think its a great ideal and you could also put the release dates what kind of game it is like fps fantacy and more

  12. hey well i have an idea :S now i would luv 2 hear peopls comments and thoughts wat about if there was a group of 5 people playing mobas and just joking around and having fun u know maybe some people have more thoughts or ideas about this? but i would be first in line to commentate :S and have it all like the community based 😀

    • Rinor I would totally watch that, as long as you guys are pretty funny that seems like it would be a pretty awesome show, and maybe instead of just MOBA games play some others (shooters etc) as well 😛 but MOBA would be the main style! Any whoo great idea!

      • I would like to do that, now I’m only playing DotA 2 🙂
        But have played WC3 DotA for 7 years, HoN for year and same goes for LoL 🙂

        • Its nice to see that some people are interested and yea it doesnt really HAVE to be a moba but i mean thats where most of the community could play and enjoy no matter if ur good or bad at pvp 🙂

          • Here is my email if someone wants to contact me:
            We could get connected on skype and talk while playing or some other service like it (TS or Ventrilo )
            Soo, I know to play FPS really good, but only problem is that I don’t purchase games, only play free ones cause I’m from Serbia and its pretty hard here, don’t have money for games.. 😐

    • Hi i would like to join your group if there is still space in it.I play LoL since beta and like moba games .You can contact me under my e-mail adress ,skype kanny02 or in LoL ASZ Kenny.I would be happy when you would contact me .

  13. i hope someone can make a series with the concept of a top 5 but different games each week i mean like week 1 can be top 5 kills on Blacklight Retribution when week 2 can be top 5 pvp plays on Fiesta and changing every week it would be cool if i could do it but im only 14…


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