MMOBomb and Aeria Games have teamed up to give our users free in-game items for Shaiya. This gift pack will help to make your journey of adventure as easy as possible! To get your code key you just need to click on the button below.

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Login or create an Aeria Games account
4. Go here and enter the key into box provided, then click “redeem.”
5. Your items will be sent directly to the bank and can be accessed in-game.
6. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook and Twitter!
7. Have Fun!

This Key contains the following items:

Premium EXP Stone Lv2
Linking Hammer Lv7
OP Hammer
2x Mystra’s Lapis Box
Armor Dye
Pet Dye
Owl Pet (30 day, non-stat)
Bear Costume (30 day, non-stat)


Note that these keys will ONLY work if you play on the Lailah, Etain, Gaia, or Teos servers (not Phoenix)

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  1. rezzonel on October 9, 2013

    New key —> plz

  2. Adesigns on September 30, 2013

    R.I.P. 🙁

  3. Ronstar on September 22, 2013

    haahah it says
    This key has been used. Please try another one!

  4. key on September 11, 2013


  5. DrfagoonMystic on September 9, 2013

    {dzooo} fyi u better go back and check the out test of those game of the ,to see if u can sell those items without getting into trouble and losing your acct or banned from those games for life. Some games will do it if they find out u have done so . Just trying to help u out .
    And yes Shaiya has been about for some time and now it’s called Fury Shaiya too may have spell that fire birds name wrong .
    Been playing if for a bit now .

  6. DubGuySeven on September 9, 2013

    Trashkey: GR-WR4Y-QM7C-5RP8-YVWK

  7. Zeus on September 8, 2013

    Way to cheesy of a game.

  8. Zix on September 8, 2013


  9. Golgo28 on September 8, 2013

    Too bad the game is still boring and even with free stuff being giving out it isn’t worth instaling this game.

  10. hectorus on September 8, 2013

    hey mate u still have origin keys?

  11. cacabuns on September 8, 2013

    Oh gosh lil. Such an out of tune title. But hey, I got 3 hot chicks on my FB from playing this back in the day (hooked up with one). For all you turds complaining about the 3rd party installs, you install, let the game install, then remove them aftet. If you got a “virus” its from opening “how to get big ***” emails. U pathetic turds that cant operate ur own pcs lololol. Any ways, games active, but o2w directed by Aeria.

    • Golgo28 on September 8, 2013

      except everything from areia games is a virus.And your right hand doesn’t count as hooking up with a chick.But hey enjoy getting catfished on FB.

    • Bic Boi on September 8, 2013

      Hahaha your “hot chicks” are your left and right hand, skeet stain.

  12. s on September 8, 2013

    This game wants me to install every bullshit crapware on my computer.

  13. dzooo on September 8, 2013

    if you need origin games add me dzooo24

    • Mik on September 8, 2013

      i would really like crysis 3?

      • dzooo on September 8, 2013

        Dead Space Origin Key
        Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Origin Key
        Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Origin Key
        Medal of Honor Origin Key

        Mirror’s Edge Origin Key

        The Sims 3 Key

        • Angelo on September 8, 2013

          Could i have the Mirror Edge Key?

          • Ygors on September 8, 2013

            Could i have crysis 2 key?

        • Peter on September 8, 2013

          Could I have burnout paradise please?

        • sly5x5 on September 9, 2013

          can i have the sims 3 key

    • daredeviil on September 8, 2013

      hey mate, added u on origin

    • dzooo on September 8, 2013


      • Ximbinha on September 8, 2013

        Selling games from humble Bundle ??
        What a scammer ham !

  14. I'm nice. on September 8, 2013

    I just relized that I hate this game and it’s published by Areia Game’s. So I’m going to give away my key

    • Hacker on September 8, 2013

      i dont like area games , have fun 🙂

  15. kato21 on September 8, 2013


    • Golgo28 on September 8, 2013

      you must have never played any good mmos if your exited about a giveaway for this crap game.

  16. tupas3 on September 8, 2013

    Damn necro giveaways 😀

  17. RandyDandyCandy on September 7, 2013

    I thought this game died ages ago….weird.

    • FenrisBrood on September 9, 2013

      LMAO this game want die it’s one of the top mmorpg pvp games you can play but private server are all ways batter then this server lol but this server get’s alot of money that come’s in for pvp lol

      • Bic boi on September 9, 2013

        Translation for FenrisBrood : Durr hurr da PVP is gud but dis game sux otherwise.

        Seriously the gameplay is absolutely awful. It has not aged gracefully.

  18. ID on September 7, 2013

    R.I.P. WoA

    • GGhera on September 9, 2013