MMOBomb and Hi-Rez Studios have teamed up again to give our users 5 SMITE god codes – The SMITE Cabrakan unlock code. Each code will automatically grant Cabrakan as well as his alternate color skin, Rampage, when redeemed in game. To get a code, you just need to follow the instructions below:


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How to get a SMITE god code:

1. It´s easy, you just need to Register on MMOBomb and if you like this giveaway follow us on social networks like Facebook, Youtube or Twitter (if you don´t use any social network, it’s ok).

2. Complete the following sentence: “I want to be Cabrakan because… ”. Leave your sentence in the comments below, please make sure you use the email address you signed up for MMOBomb with. This is really important, if you do it with another email you won’t be eligible to receive your prize.

We’ll select the 5 lucky MMOBombers randomly on Sunday, 25th (2014), we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.

Lucky Winners:



Results may take a few days to be announced after the end of the giveaway.



  1. Ok i kind messed up. I want to be Cabrakan because he is my type of play style and without playing a game your way it won’t be fun, and i want to have fun <3

  2. I want to be Cabrakan since he has huge abilities which he favours as well as is giving the weather to his allies what very for price .

  3. I want to be Cabrakan because I want to break, crush and destroy all enemies in my way and it does not matter what god will rise against me, because I’m Invincible!

  4. I want to be Cabrakan because he is a badass god and i enjoy playing SMITE whenever i have some free time,plus i ve never won free stuff and free stuff is awesome!

  5. i want to be cabrakan because i really like smite im level 29 because i was out in vaication and for cabrakan i liked and followed on twitter facebook and gmail too

  6. i want to be cabrakan because i mastered 7 gods and 3 of the them were still new when i mastered them i like new gods in smite and i really want him

  7. I would like to have Cabrakan’s Skin because he’s the most amazing tank and his abillities defeats the enemies with no mercy.

  8. I want to be Cabrakan because i have played smite for some time and i like guardian class gods and his 3rd ability is awsome repeatedly slams the ground with his shields creating an earthquake i have never seen such an ability is prrety awsome i think i want to be Cabrakan becasue not even mountains can stay in his way the destroyer of mountains.

  9. I want Cabrakan because, He has two arms which pounds the ground at excessive rates, It makes the minions with “rag-doll physics” Fly away , And so he makes me laugh, I love Mayan gods.

  10. I want to be Cabrakan because he looks like a really awesome god! Also, I love playing this game with my little brother and it’d be fun to play a new god with him. (He play Hun Batz -I think that’s how you spell it-). We’d make an awesome duo!

    Thanks, and good luck to others!

  11. I want to be Cabrakan because, I wanna try Smite For the first time. and by having this God I’ll Be able to Taste The Game, and See what’s all about It.

  12. I want to be Cabrakan because none of my friends have him and I want to flex emote all over the Arena, and make people go maaaaaaaaaaaan in Assault. Cabrakan holds the line all day, the blocks are real!!!

  13. I want to be Cabrakan because George RR Martin has made my soul hurt in so many ways for the things he has done. Cabrakan is feasibly big enough to do all of those horrific things we saw to The Mountain and destroy him for what he did. To have the sweet sweet bliss of mental freedom as I imagine Cabrakan clubbing the man death every time I play him will be a balm to my injured soul, a boon to my mind and an anti-emetic to my nauseous gut every time I think of that scene.

  14. I want to be Cabrakan because well he’s a god which means he’s a beast in everything he does and that means that he’s like me so i want the god cuz they its cuul to have myself in a game

  15. I want to be Cabrakan because I love playing support, and he looks like one of the strongest supports in the game right now.

  16. I want to be Cabrakan because i want to spill the blood of the enemy gods who defy my, by my hand they will fall one by one untill the match is done.

  17. I want Cabrakan because I love the media so much that I smite everyone and it would be one for this collection is as hard to please come pick for this giveway

  18. I want to be Cabrakan because he is a complete badass who destroys all other gods in team fights. p.s. he looks like siege creep so who would not want him

  19. I would like to be Cabrakan cause in School I was always laughed at for being weak and small and playing with Cabrakan just makes me fell the opposite way and I fell so happy

  20. I want to be Cabrakan because I don’t really like any Guardian God, yet, and Cabras Abilities really seem to be fun plus he is double-wielding shields which is pretty bad-ass.

  21. I want to be Cabrakan because I donated $500 to ALS and can’t afford gems to buy him..and to grind favor would be a pain in the ass.

  22. I want Cabrakan becouse MMOBomb is the best MMO site ever ! Duuuh !

    -P.S. Cabrakan looks like a constipated Hulk ..But who gives a fk !

  23. I want to be Cabrakan because Smite recently suspended my account for 71 hours, and then changed my name to FluffyHappy because my name was ‘too offensive’

  24. I want to be Cabrakan because: “Cabrakan? More like CabraCAN’T! Get it? Heh..” Yeah I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.

  25. I want to be Cabraken because I seen this awesome hero and I love the way he works, and it just looks awesome + I hardly have any heros.

  26. I want to be Cabrakan because it embodyes everything i like about MMOBOMB,its raw power,its resilient body,but its also kind in the way MMOBOMB gives back to its community:exclusive items,closed beta keys and giving me this mountain grinding GOD.

  27. I want to be Cabrakan because he is a sexy beast like myself also I need to learn how to use him so I can wreak my brother who already has a head start with cabrakan (little brothers can never beat older brothers ..its law)

  28. I want to be Cabrakan because I enjoy destroying my enemies.And earthquakes are the best way i can achive that.So in short i would feel more powerful if I could wield this god power.

  29. I want to be Cabrakan because the twin brothers and the other gods need to pay for their trickery, with a mountain, over their heads, yes.

  30. I want to be Cabrakan because, Smite is better the L.O.L., and with this new amazing Character i will Rule the world of Online smite [vote for me and ill lower taxes].

  31. i want to be a cabrakan because im new to Smite and i enjoy playing guardians gods and he seems awesome and interesting to play!

  32. I want to be Cabrakan because I can finally destroy those pesky mountains that are blocking my veiw of the lovely mmobomb employees.

  33. I want to be Cabrakan because he’s the best guardian who i ever see at now on smite, i love the maan pantheon so much <3

  34. I want to be Cabrakan because I need to complete my god collection. It’s exceedingly slow without using gems, and this will help me complete it sooner.

  35. I want Cabrakan because he sounds like an interesting champion to play, he has a different kind of approach to other champions then most of the other. His unique style will help me try out something new.

  36. I want to be Cabrakan because i don,t want him for 5500 or 11000 .. i want him because he is F R E E + Good lUck guys & thx MMoBomB ^^

  37. I want to be Cabrakan because the only thing standing between me and eternal glory is a huge mountain of enemies ready to be destroyed.
    Only Cabrakan, as the destroyer of mountains, is capable of such a feat. My salvation and my key to victory. That is Cabrakan and that is why i want to be him.

  38. I want to be Cabrakan because my mother is comodo dragon and my father is mayan god and I believe that he is my missing brother, I would greatly appreciate if you give him to me.

  39. I want to be Cabrakan because he is the destroyer of mountains, and I really hate Gregor Clegane (It’s game of thrones, if you don’t get it ask someone who will ;P)

  40. I want to be Cabrakan because his First ability gives him more movement speed, that means he is moving faster during sex for limited time and can even stun the sex partner. His second ability can build sex stacks and stun the sex partner. Cabrakans third ability causes the sex partner to tremble and his Banana gets slowly sucked in inside of the sex partner. And finally Cabrakans ultimate, while Cabrakan ejaculates his white fluid inside of the sex partner, he can create a Wall of earth around the womb or the target to defend it and prevent pregnancy which allows him to have unlimited amount of fun with his sex partner.
    Lets dont forget his passive, If he bring friends with him to satisfy his sex partner, then his sex partner takes 5% less damage from white fluid.

    Yes, hes pretty awesome, dont you think? I want to be him!

  41. I want to be Cabrakan because then I’d be able to get rid of that ugly sandy mountain blocking the view from my window.

  42. I want to be Cabrakan because I enjoy playing smite and I am some what new to the game. Also cabrakan seems like a cool character.

  43. I want Cabrakan becuase, he looks really awesome, and hes a big jugg, plus, i wasted money on Serqet and i really love Cabrakan
    … PLease

  44. I want to be Cabrakan because I haven’t been been played Smite too often because of interests in other games, but Cabrakan looks like a really fun well balanced character with a great story and it would really make me get more into the game having a character like him.

  45. I want to be Cabrakan to destroy de monstains of fake things in Hollywood! Im gonna destroy the Hollywood sign and become the “Maya-American-Godzilla”

  46. I want to be Cabrakan because he looks awesome and I want to try him out. He also looks like a nice tank character to play and support the team.

  47. I want this code because I ma a huge smite fan an I don’t have to much money to be wasting in games so please I need that code

  48. I want to be Cabrakan because this i cant afford to pay for things in-game. i really love this game and i would really really like to have this character

  49. I want to be Cabrakan because he is one Badass looking God and i love playing gurdians in Smite and i want to be Destroyer of EVERYTHING not just Mountians!

  50. I want to be Cabrakan because, His ultimate looks something like the elbow rocket from Pacific Rim but with a dash. And that is cool.

  51. I want to be Cabrakan because he looks pretty sick and he destroys mountains, what else is there?? He just looks pretty much OP

  52. I want Cabrakan because i mainly play support role and tanking damage, and he’s just amazing how tanky and good he is at starting teamfights and disrupting the enemy helping your teammates to get the kills, so yeah, i do want him a lot.

  53. I want to be Cabrakan because… it totally annihilates everything! It is super powerful (OP) and I’m so jealous that my friends bought it today. I want to be awesome and destroy everything too.

  54. I want to be Cabrakan because he defies logic and pulls huge shields out of the ground from no where like a BADASS. Edit Spelled Cabrakan wrong.

  55. I want to be Cabrakan because: I want to become a pro- smite player and mastering a new god – would get me 1 step closer to my goal!

  56. I want to be Cabrakan because 1. he looks AWSOME 2. i think i’ll play him good 3. i play smite a good bit 4. good luck everybody xD

  57. I want to be Cabrakan because He remember-me so much OGRE the final boss of TEKKEN 3 one of the bests fighting games i’ve played in my life and ^_^

  58. I want Cabrakan because he’s the god we need, not the god we deserve.

    (That was lame, I know, but that was the first thing I thought of, okay? \(TДT)/ )

  59. I want to be Cabrakan because he has cabra in his name, which means goat in Spanish, and kan, which reminds me of khan. Also, he smashes mountains, so that’s cool.

  60. I want to be Cabrakan because “Mountains aren’t my problem anymore, cross that off the list of 99 problems!” -gg ez

  61. “I want to be Cabrakan because…It’s free LOL, Of course people want free stuff so plis <3"

  62. “I want to be Cabrakan because…to have smash other player and i only have no other character to use ”.smite!!!!smite!!!!smite!!!!smite!!!!

  63. i want to be Cabrakan because he looks cool and i don’t own him yet. that hulk smash thing he does is pretty wow. i’ll go like this on fb now. 🙂 cheers


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