We took the opportunity to chat with Nicolas Pajot, CEO at Gala Networks Europe (gPotato). Check out what he have to say about Age of Wulin, the upcoming free to play martial arts MMORPG.


  1. yoo the american version is in ageofwushu.com they changed the name so that if someone wants to do buisness deals with them they won’t get confused and think that there with the european publishers

  2. yooooo Gala suckerss… gimme back my hacked stuff in rappelz .. itss been 4 months and 7 emails to try to get it back!!!! and u open more games mm idiotss!!

  3. just a question ^^ when will u guys get the keys , and bytheway my gpotato’s faviort game is Flyff ! 😛 belive it or not , but that game is awesome , i love games that have STATS as which u can build by self (STR AGI also on..)

  4. Good that gpotato (EU) will publish english version and not gpotato (US). I don’t know why but US version just are so slow like snails (look.. sevencore in eu is in 2 diff.languages and doing LOTS OF events now and is in OB. and US still no OB date… and i guarantee there will be no events after OB launch, and US version of gpotato closed in my eyes only one good game they had: PRIUS, still i remember how i win jacket and got only some items because they cant send in eu.. pff…. rly?) Age of Wulin looks awesome and more awesome that it will be published by EU gpotato team.

    P.S. Nicolas talks really fast, at the start i even didnt understand a thing. (yes im not so good at english, maybe thats the problem, but still, he talks way too fast… 😀 )

    • Your bains made of tapioca. The two already exist and they are just seperating administration. WHICH SUCKS because Europe is horrible. They close forums and nazi topics on the forums; like bug discussion, whil in US they actively participate in the conversation and are super cool. All in all it is Gpat though. They closed Prius and opened new games that are Prius clones, like 7 core, and those games are pure shit

      • Your comment is pure sh1t, US versions sucks alot, forum is dead and they close games and even no ads. EU is different story, at least good management.


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