Ether Saga is relaunching as Odyssey and sporting a consequent number of changes, including a new graphics engine, additional races and more content overall. We wanted to know more about it and here are our findings. Can you introduce yourself and your role in Ether Saga Odyssey?

Hi, I’m Aaron Potter, the Product Manager for Ether Saga Odyssey. Among other tasks, my main priority is to ensure that the game is running smoothly on a daily basis. I also work closely with the community manager to ensure that our users are informed about our game and fully experience all the exciting features that Ether Saga Odyssey has to offer. What is exactly Ether Saga Odyssey and what does it mean for regular players of Ether Saga Online?

Ether Saga Odyssey is the new chapter in the Ether Saga story and introduces players to the next chapter of Ether Saga Online. Known for its robust pet training system, there will be even more pets to capture, a plethora of new content, and a new player experience. Players will also get to collect monster cards and transform into monsters, while gaining access to new attributes and skills.

Existing players can still continue with their existing characters, pets, and items. While their characters are left intact, the world around them has evolved quite a bit. For new and existing players alike, there has never been a better time to play ESO. Why did you decide to offer players such a large update instead of regularly releasing the new content?

Although we released updates to the game in the past, nothing remotely comes close to the changes that Odyssey brings. With Odyssey, we really wanted to emphasize that ESO has evolved and taken the next step to keep up with the times. Can you describe some of the changes that Odyssey brings?

In direct response to player feedback, Odyssey features a new and improved user interface with auto-route feature and additional visual aids. While adding more character customization options, the game developers have completely upgraded the game engine to fully support the new graphics highlighting the new and vast areas for players to explore such as the main city, Pokari City, the evolving hometowns of the races in the game, as well as a new area featuring even more challenging monsters just for experienced players.

With a new chapter in the story, Ether Saga Odyssey also features four distinct races with eight unique classes. The new Mogui race brings two new classes to the mix, the Hellion and Maven, which has varying gameplay styles. Are you introducing new pets, and how many?

Most definitely and even new monsters to fight in the wild! One of the most interesting features of the game is that many of the monsters you fight in the wild can be captured and tamed to battle alongside as your pet. The pet training system will feature hundreds of pets for players to summon and train and create stronger breeds with new abilities, while battling alongside epic monsters. How is the community reacting to the modifications and additions you announced?

We want to thank our players for the support they’ve shown while waiting for Ether Saga Odyssey to launch. We’re seeing a lot of new players and always value the feedback that our fans provide, in order to continue to provide players with high quality, free to play games.

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  1. Pretty much MMO bombed this interview and could of got better responses from long time community players, instead of Developers and Game Master’s that run this game. At one point during the history of ESO we had no GM’s, the ones that cared and supported the game play had left us to move to other projects, we were left with a CM (community manager) who did not know the rules nor did he run events for the game for over 6 months. But that was least of concern let’s talk about player reward system’s that were so poorly rewarded that the amount of real money (USD’s) you pumped into the game you earned credit for other in game items, well with this recent patch.. the players that amassed over 3000$ of credit all got wiped out.. the GM response says: the credit boxes was not supposed to be a long time event, it was supposed to expire. However; no warning or fine print had made any claim for these credit boxes. Now lets move on to game play.. what a joke.. Completely changed the PVP system of game to where a person can virtually not be 1 shot and withstand damage beyond 200k. This really made the community angry and ESO claim’s it is not a glitch its how pvp will be from here on out. Let’s talk about gear and system upgrades.. such a poor design for imbue rates- the in game items such as lightbender (50 cents each) and etherlace are so fail, going from 0 imbue to +1 with a cash item fails quite frequently. Some of the in game skills do not even function properly called Nascent skills, players have been complaining to fix these skills yet no response from Developers.. Instead of fixing the bugs and glitches at hand in game.. they decide to rebuild cities so large and unnecessary just to inconvenience players to purchase ground mounts to move around the city. Instead of hearing out the players, forum moderators, GM’s CM’s are nuking posts and deleting outcry messages to keep players from spreading the word. Some player’s are seeking lawsuits now against Perfect World Entertainment. So yea next time get your interview from in game players and not the developers/product managers, because all you’ll hear from these dev’s are sugar coated responses.

    • mmobomb Author on May 25, 2011

      Thank you for your comment, we are always interested in the opinion of the players.

  2. lol on May 25, 2011

    “ How is the community reacting to the modifications and additions you announced?

    We want to thank our players for the support they’ve shown while waiting for Ether Saga Odyssey to launch. We’re seeing a lot of new players and always value the feedback that our fans provide, in order to continue to provide players with high quality, free to play games.”

    what is this reply lol. many long time players are upset with all the changes because its created too many problems glitches, “new game changes” that ruin pvp. “new content” includes a new map that was supposed to be 105+ but its lvl 1+ which has horrible spawn rate and drops/gold/spirit are worse than in the older worlds. this is just one point i am pointing out here.if you want to see all the problems you can check the forums of eso, where we bring up our concerns and get the answer of “we are looking into it” on a daily basis. pwe’s customer support is crap and they don’t care about players as long as they get their money. i wouldn’t recommend this game or any other pwe game due to the bad customer service.

  3. PWI MANAGER on May 25, 2011


  4. HEEEEEROOOOOOOO on May 25, 2011

    You want the truth about the community feedback, check the eso forums at
    It isnt pretty and it seems no one is listening to the players.

  5. GrimX on May 25, 2011

    Ive been playing this game for a week now. Its very good and full of quest i give it a 4/5