With Rusty Hearts, publisher Perfect World rests from their acclaimed MMORPG offer and gives us a pure side-scrolling action MMO. The beautiful graphics and smooth animation already won us over, but let’s find out a bit more.

MMOBomb: Can you introduce yourself to our readers and your role on Rusty Hearts?

Mark Hill: Hi, my name is Mark Hill, and I’m the Game Producer of Rusty Hearts. On a daily basis, I often work with those in our game testing, engineering, and communications departments to ensure that the game runs smoothly. One of the best parts of my job is talking to people like you about the game.

MMOBomb: How would you describe Rusty Hearts?

Mark Hill: Rusty Hearts is an online multiplayer hack n’ slash brawler. Players can have parties of up to four people, and fight through dungeons while gaining Exp, collecting loot, and leveling up their characters.

The fast and furious gameplay, compelling storyline, and the vivid cel-shaded anime art style offer players a very unique game. Think about a mix between Castle Crashers or the classic arcade TMNT brawlers set in a Castlevania or Devil May Cry type of world.

MMOBomb: Why should players choose Rusty Hearts over other similar side-scrolling action MMOs?

Mark Hill: Rusty Hearts has a blend of fast and furious combat, RPG elements and various PvP options, but the interesting back story of each character, dungeon crawling battles and the option to use a controller really sets the game apart. Also, there is no mindless grinding in the game. Players will always be engaged in some sort of mission or quest, so it never gets boring.

MMOBomb: There will be 3 unique characters at launch, each with their story. What customization options do we have, things such as gender and weapons? Is it locked for benefit of the storyline?

Mark Hill: Yes, the characters’ gender and main weapons are locked for story purposes; however, there are hundreds of costume combinations, both in terms of full-body suits and individual pieces that players can outfit on their character to make them unique. As players progress through the story, they will receive a wide variety of costume options.

For weapons, each character does wield a unique type of weapon specifically tailored for them such as Angela’s magic scythe or Tude’s glove. Players can customize and level up their weapons, while gaining new abilities.

MMOBomb: Does Rusty Hearts offer some deep RPG options or is it mostly about the brawling?

Mark Hill: It’s a great mix of both. Rusty Hearts makes it very quick and easy for you to get in the game, get in a party, and jump right into a dungeon. However, the RPG elements allow you to spec out your character any way you want with all of the gear that you will be collecting.

There will be the traditional RPG-style gear qualities, common, uncommon, epic, etc., so players that really enjoy the RPG style gameplay will be set up nicely.

MMOBomb: Rusty Hearts is the game that was missing from the Perfect World catalog?

Mark Hill: Perfect World Entertainment is always looking to bring fresh and unique, high quality gaming experiences to players. Rusty Hearts has definitely brought diversity to Perfect World Entertainment’s game portfolio and it will allow us to reach a broader audience. We really feel that players will like the new elements that the game brings.

MMOBomb: What are your plans for the future of Rusty Hearts? Do you plan on adding more characters and other content?

Mark Hill: Player feedback is highly taken into consideration and we look forward to what our players will have to say about Rusty Hearts when closed beta testing begins on July 27. We definitely plan on adding much more content to the game including new characters, dungeons, quests, costumes, and more. Whatever it may be, it will be a steady pipeline of interesting ways for players to enjoy the game. From new characters, dungeons, quests, costumes, and more, We will release more information on expansions and updates as it becomes available.

MMOBomb: Thank you for your time!

Mark Hill: Thanks as well!


  1. It does seem similar to Vindictus in concept; ie, instanced based everything with hack and slash, mission driven game play and small party limitation, though it seems much more stylized in core game design and character models, perfect world has been good about including fair equipment designs in their games even for non cash shop users to a degree so don’t be too quick to assume. But I would rather have fashion being charged for than over powered game ruining items in the cash shop like other games i’ve played. As for the game its self i hope it’s not just a 3d dungeon fighter, that would be disappointing in my opinion but we will see soon enough.

  2. Pros: +Stylish graphics. +Gamepad support. +Various PvP modes. +Cooperative gameplay. +Instanced personal rooms to decorate.

  3. i have a feeling this is a side scroll version of vindictus, story line, chars with set weapons, and…fashion tons and tons of fashion, but only if you pay real money for item mall currency that doesn’t really give u as much as it should so you can buy some eh looking clothes for your character. Also if they do give free fashion clothes away it would probably either look really bad or only being during a holiday event.

  4. It’s gonna include most of the features that the side-scrolling MMOs offer. I’m interested in how much and how diverse gears // costums we are gonna be able to collect. I’m pretty touchy baout my character looks and the gear it wears so hopefully we get a nice variety from them tho there’s not that much showing on the released videos so far on this aspect.

    Anyways looking forward for the game. :3

  5. Nice Interview, answered a few of my questions. Though one part disappointed me when you asked about the “RPG Elements” Mark Hill only answered by saying there is going to be different types of equip and if I understood it right upgrading options. Which is fine, but I would have liked to know if you have anything like a “skill system”? For example combos that you can make stronger or even new combos or attack moves that you can learn?

    • Ok I just browsed the official forum a little more and got my answer, so Ignore my question :x. You actually get Skill Points when you level up.


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