Neverwinter Cloaked Ascendancy Gyrion

Pulling Back the Cloak on Neverwinter’s Newest Expansion, Coming to Consoles April 11

Neverwinter sure seems to get a lot of content updates. Maybe it’s because it gets updated for both PC and consoles, so we see news…

PoE Oriath thumb

Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath Adds Six Acts And Reshapes The World

Path of Exile keeps getting bigger. There were over one million active players in December, playing 44% more than the player base did in December…


PAX South 2017: Dauntless Aims Big

At last weekend’s PAX South in San Antonio, I got a chance to try Dauntless, Phoenix Labs’ upcoming free-to-play giant monster hunting MMO, currently in…

SWTOR Rakata_Prime_5 thumb

Interview: Update 5.1 And The Evolution of SWTOR’s Galactic Command

Just because you’ve conquered the galaxy doesn’t mean you can take a vacation. There’s still work to be done, uprisings to quell, and glory to…


Preview: Fresh Starts Getting “Fresher” in ArcheAge: Revelation Update Coming Dec. 10th

Sometimes it’s just too easy to rag on Trion Worlds and particularly ArcheAge. From the whole “it’s not us, it’s XL Games” PR at launch,…


Change Is In The Air: Our SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne Interview

It’s late in the year, and that means a new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Everyone loves new stuff, though the opinions regarding…


Into the Breach: Our Preview of Path of Exile’s New Update and Challenge League

Sometimes the headlines just write themselves. We’re sure that’s what Grinding Gear Games had in mind when it named its newest content update the Breach…

Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds 3

Interview: Atlas of Worlds Expansion Reshapes Path of Exile’s Endgame

If you thought Path of Exile’s last content update, Prophecy, shook things up, you’re in for some serious world-shaking this time around. Atlas of Worlds,…

Star Trek Online Chekov thumb

Interview: STO’s Agents of Yesterday Sends You On a Time-Travel Romp Though Trek’s Many Eras

I’ll dispense with the “boldly going” jokes and get right to the heart of the matter. Today, July 6, Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios…

Chronicle: Runescape Legends 12

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends “Didn’t Start As A Card Game” – Our Interview With Lead Designer James Sweatman

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends officially launched last month on Steam and it’s proving to be quite popular with RuneScape players, CCG fanatics, and just about everyone…

Gigantic thumb

“We Had To Lay Off (Almost) Everyone” To Keep Gigantic Going: Our Interview With Motiga’s CEO

Gigantic has been through a lot. Motiga’s arena battler/hero shooter has gone through the wringer, at times looking like a breakout hit and at times…

ArcheAge Ascension Keyart

Interview: Live Like a King In ArcheAge’s Next Update, Ascension

If being a part of a faction in MMOs sounds stale to you, why not make your own? ArcheAge Update 2.9: Ascension goes live today,…


Interview: Hartsman and Ju On Atlas Reactor’s Change to B2P

Trion Worlds shocked a lot of people when they announced that their previously free-to-play title Atlas Reactor would transition into a buy-to-play title. With all…

PoE Navali thumb

Interview: Scrying the Future In Path of Exile’s Prophecy Update

Grinding Gear Games can see into the future. How else can you explain Path of Exile’s success and its status as one of the most…

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