Today on Bomblive we check out Snail Game’s latest MMORPG Black Gold. Black Gold aims to strike a balance between the world of fantasy and steampunk by having both factions physically strike each other with all sorts of coal-powered machinery and shamanistic magic. Watch as our stream leader Spunkify takes us in for an up close and personal look at the world within Black Gold and the bloody conflict that’s brewing between its two distinct sides.


The livestream is now over! If you missed it, enjoy the recorded VOD above.

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  1. i liked this game seemed good from what i have played (got a freaking Motorbike as mount = me HAPPY) only REAL downfall i had with this game was Server Delay (prob still Stress testing or cuz i EU and playing on NA server but anyway) all other parts of game seemed good yeh graphics were not OMG but idc about them tbh as long as good story,questing,Mounts and PVP think i going stick to this game (hope make EU server or make NA server better and if anyone thinks it cuz internet i pay for 100mb and get about 90-95mb DLS my pc is gameing PC half a year old full Gameing Spec (show you how good got 2 titans in it xD)

    PvP in this game was Weird but fun (i dont really like the WAR machine thing as it not turn that fast think becuz of the server delay) but it good size map not one you can quickly die and straight into fight again

    only cons about this game imo are the War machine thing and Server Delay

    for pros there are alot but you are best to Test it and See for yourself as we all have diffrent ideas (good steampunk game)

  2. This game is a joke, graphics year 2011-2012, gamplay year 2005. Hard to play this shit when there are other goood titles

  3. The dwarf area actually looked WAY more steampunk than the “human” area for that faction and I think that is why I was so incredibly disappointed with the environment art. Granted even the dwarf area isn’t great but it’s a million times better than the human starting area.

    Too bad I uninstalled it just today after several days of not playing, I was just so disappointed with an MMO advertising itself as steampunk and it starting me in possibly one of the most boring and dull looking “steampunk” areas ever. I guess maybe I’ll try it again at launch if there are actual improvements.

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