On this week’s show Spunkify hangs out with the MMOBombers in the first closed beta for the upcoming martial arts MMORPG Age of Wushu! Watch Spunkify attempt to explain the intricate features that make up this deep PvP-focused MMO while answering community submitted questions in this exciting episode!

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  1. black guy artefact maybe decrease settings

    textures are made like that for clan wars with hundreds of ppl so ppl with older PC can still enjoy it +in future server vs server

    most skills have 7lvls but have to be unlocked via special quests

    You need to read what npc say when You pass by as some of them can talk about treasure or master who can teach You skills

    if You jump in and out from water without horse You will see ripple and water drops, also in other maps You would see that on max settings water is as engine not simply texture so there are waves

    durring pvp on roofs ppl would fall to easy

    no day cycle, but theres high chance it will come in future as developer bring most things they said earlier with uptades

    patrolling is to catch spys in Your school not to spy on spys:P

    riding on mount at clan territory depends from clan

    You had weekly spying quest and clan leader teleported You to other clan

    in chinese version without VIP crafting is almost impossible, snail US claim they wont follow it but we will see

    nope they wouldnt attack You

    there are 32 mini instances and 5 big instances each have 4 modes some bosses summon other players to help him kill invaders, at hardest mode each boss do that / in 3rd instance normal mobs hit for 1k try there say PvE is easy;p

    You can do PvP everywhere at any time;p

    had problem with spying coz they had problem with offline ppl

    that were mini instances not ranking

    with strongest version of i3 4g ram and gtx460OC normally I have 60fps in clan wars with hundreds of ppl it drop to 35-48

    these arent random, ppl set them manualy and info is sent on server, in CB most ppl who did that are experienced ppl from chinese servers who just like to kill newbies

    he was online all time;p near nick You have icon taht show if You are good person evil etc offline ppl dont have it

    You lost energy for qigong skills;p

    You need wait for blue bar, till then others can help You kinda like in GW2

  2. I love this Type of game, Though I enjoy the Chinese theme and the fact there are no Levels is interesting I can’t wait to get a Beta Key and try it out.

  3. there are 3 attack skill books for each school, u onlu learn the 1st, u should go back to the school to get your other 2 (scholar is double sword/legs/singlesword)


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