Taking advantage of Aion’s massive character customization is about as fun as the game itself. Watch Magicman die repeatedly trying to answer viewer question as he plays. If you haven’t tried Aion yet you probably should. After all , update 4.0 is just around the corner! Next week’s game is Loadout so get it downloaded now and join in the fun!

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  1. Aion is so boring as far as I’m concerned, & a 30 gig file to boot way to big I’ll stick to DC Universe, Star Trek Online, DDO, Hell Gate, Allods & others. 7 games are better than 1 in a 350 gig hard drive.

  2. aion is the most boring mmorpg ever made, i bought it when it came out played 20 minutes uninstaled and threw away the cds, i play wow mostly, couldnt find any better game , got swtor , gw2 but wow is the best so i play that mosty, dragon nest sometimes to, cant play these f2p games cause u lvl ur charr and there no pvp , the pvp is ridiculos , pointless , u pvp just to kill , no rewards or anything:D just play wow its 13 euros a month:D

  3. you should have played the elyos side. there map is alot more better ๐Ÿ˜€ and the toons looks better too ๐Ÿ˜€ and in aion fun starts at lvl 10 then it gets better when you reach lvl 46

  4. Magicman, WHAT THE HELL is happening there in the ground? I will tell to your wife!
    Bad Magicman…BAD…

    And prepare to die in Loadout.Your souls is MINE!


  5. Why I quit Aion: Around lvl 20ish there is need for grouping or you just run through mobs that will gank you. Death = XP loss = grind upon grind mixed with grind.

    2) the community is hard to get into and risky. Mixed with elitist – noobs – thieves

    3) The EU version is slow, horrible, and not up to date.

    4) NCsoft

    I recently got into LOTRO and that has been a way better experience so far!

    • 1)Hey, if when you died you wouldn’t lose exp the game would be just too easy, and if you die in pvp there is no xp loss;
      2)The community is really helping, just add the guys that helped you once on your friends list, and in case you don’t know, there is a tool used for group making, just press shift+v;
      3)Don’t hang up to the EU version, it’s pay to win, while the US version is truly free to play, cashers don’t get that advantage;
      4)What about it?
      I did already played LOTRO, it’s really fun, but the best questlines are locked and need to be buyed with money from the game shop, which you need to acquire by paying in RL, although there are quests that also give you the turbine points, you won’t be able to buy everything with those special challenges.
      Believe me, if you played Aion through the EU version, play it again on the other version, and if you feel the game isn’t helping you, go to the site and access the Atreian Atlas, it give you nice free gifts according to some achievements you get with your character.
      In Aion, the only negative point in the game are the gold spammers in the chat, but all you have to do is block them, problem solved.

      • i would have to disagree with u.U make it sound like aion us is perfect i am from europe/greece and i’ve played Aion europe and i totally agree with u that europe sucks ass compared to us but europe wins over us for 1 thing and ik cause i’ve searched us aion forums and stuff and eu aion forums and i’ve come to the conclusion that us aion has a lot of more bugs/issues than eu aion and i’ve tryed playin us aion but with no success cause 1st i would get errors then i the game would update backwards(yes backwards)and some other issues so that game has a lot of issues in my case

  6. Uhmmm ! lmfao !

    I have not even watched this yet , But what are you 2 doing on the ground… Thought erping was more for an adult audience.( good to see you add all types of free to play gaming style’s ! ๐Ÿ˜€


    • yea im with you…i just dont see the appeal…seems cookie cutter and tho i havent seen a high lvl raid yet i fell like i can picture it…good customization but the fun ends there

  7. Damn, I forgot about BombLive.. Too busy trying to get my new GFX card overclocked & working nicely.
    Totally would have joined in though.

  8. I personally recommend the game to everyone as well.Aion is an EPIC MMORPG!One of the best there is… I guess that’s why MMOBOMB put it as No.1 F2P MMORPG of 2012.I’m just level 21(Asmodian, Assassin) and I’ve come to love the game A LOT!Download and play!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. It was a good time hanging with Magic and the community. Can’t wait for more.


    And P.S. franco, it’s mounted! not first! silly goose!


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