On this episode of Bomblive, Spunkify hops into the newly opened fighting game Archeblade. His attempts at executing attack combos are often met with disastrous results. Watch as he is knocked silly while doing his best to keep light on his feet all the while exploring the various ways to kill and be killed in Archeblade!

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  1. Game is mediocre..should of just been a $15 Buy 2 Play with skin shop..nothing to strive for in this game..only thing you “earn” is a “level” which is pretty much just ego stroking.

  2. Seriously hate this game, the combo key system is crap, and honestly I would much rather play an old fighter then this piece of crap…I got to play early release on Steam and I uninstalled after 3 matches, some characters are seriously over powered, the cycling of character is stupid, and really like come on this game has more campers to COD! This is a game I will be passing up.

    • Brawl Busters is much better in fighting aspect. this game will die out because 100 players online isn’t player base to survive on.

      • 100 players?I always see 500+ players online and the game is on Beta why does it needs a playerbase?The devs themself explained theyre just looking for issues and suggestions atm,than they can do theyre advertising etc to get more players.

        • Ok this guy extasist is noob, the game had more than 1000 players, beside that Brawl Busters suck alot. The game is just at beginning, they will add lot more features.

    • How is it P2W?They have characters rotations every week and all chars have there advantages and disadvantages,for example,Fire Renny had a very deady combo with high dmg but shes so squishy and easy to block if you cant beat her than you just straight out suck and It’s not because of the char.

  3. terrible game, nothing to play for, (you can’t unlock anything with in game currency that you get from playing, because there is no such thing) so why they didn’t made it P2P, this game is no where to be competitive, smash same buttons and expect enemy don’t move until you kill it.

      • oops why am i replying to your post musta misclicked…anyway learn to block , evade , interupt juggles from block, try to land on top of opponents head wen they launch you, dash jump attack to chase down enemies(only for characters with dash)

        basically learn to play proper before u rage at your own fails, & they gotta make ther moneys somehow, characters r on rotation anyway

      • This is unfortunately twitch it seems. The game always runs fine while I am playing it but when you download the file the frame rate comes out bad.


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