Spunkify gets down and dirty with the Duelist class in Aura Kingdom on this week’s episode of Bomblive. Watch as he shows off some of the more unique quest types Aura Kingdom has to offer. Come along for the ride!

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  1. I think its odd that so many people want to label this game as P2W when its not even out of Closed Beta yet. I mean why are you even on this site if your so quick to rush to judgement. I for one play a ton of F2P games and within a year I generally spend at least $50 on stuff in the cash shop. You guys really need to learn some humility and step outside of your perceived privilege, hell up until recently you couldn’t enjoy ANY game without spending $30-$50 bucks and if it was online it probably def had sub. If its a good game you will, and should support it, I dont think anyone is so broke they cant afford to spend $10 bucks on a game they’re gonna spend 80+ hours on even if you are just put in more time these “P2W shouters” wont be happy unless the game makes no money and fandom is not enough to run a business and Aeria is a business.

  2. Don’t matter what those other comments say^ , this game is really awesome especially to people who love anime-style, so give it a shot when it becomes available. It’ll be worth your time.

  3. I sincerely hope you do not shave your beard because it adds entertainment value, and awesomeness to your video. Otherwise, your man card will indeed be revoked.

    Also, great livestream! This game have truly piqued my interest.

    Keep up the good job spunky!

  4. Aeria? Nope. My last Aeria Game was DK Online, which was shut down due to bugs.
    Players were told it will be back once its fixed. Its been around a year already? And guess what, nothing changed, game site still says that game is on hold. No definite answer, no news.
    So no, not gonna lose time with Aeria anymore.


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