This week Magicman tries again to make it a whole episode without dying… but when he is leveled enough to try 1v1 PvP it could endanger the entire plan! Can he hang on in Elsword Online? Check out this episode of the action, anime inspired MMO!

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  1. Well,I could give this game a 7/10.The graphics are good,and I like the animations,but I had to quit because it got repetitive so fast and the dungeons are not so hard.

  2. Magicman if you play arena do not let them fall or you can’t hit them. Just practice combos and improve stats to help you and a lot of the A-SS ranks(I don’t know about A) are overgeared. Also you should go for Sheath knight and become an Infinity Sword later on when it gets released. :3 Elsword do a barrel roll!

  3. Adding to hellyeah’s comments, yes it looks like GrandChase and I really believe it was completely intended, the developer company is the same, KOG. There is a few (but very important) things that distinguished one to the other thou. Unfortunately, it is IP blocked and I can’t play from my country as well, which is Brazil. However I can play GrandChase at the local server and it’s a really great game to spend a couple of hours into it if you just want to relax a bit and complete some missions beating the hell out of the mobs! And I do believe Elsword would go in the same category as GrandChase.
    And for the reasons above, I suggest a First Look video for GrandChase, it has 17 characters and most of them with up to 4 classes with unique skills and different gameplay (some characters only get more skills and improved gameplay through classes thou). The North America servers, published by GameRage, seems quite off from the last updates that the game got on other servers, but it is a game where you can find a character and class you gonna like to have some fun at least a hour a day! By the way, it has a really interesting story but, mostly, you will enjoy it more in the official website and fansites than in-game…

    Thanks Magicman and the MMOBomb staff for the amazing content you guys produce, keep up with the great work in this new year!

    • Oh and grand chase is a ripoff…….. you buy even skills and sets with stats in cash, good game terribly managed not to mention hack and stuff.
      I don’t know if any of you guys feel like this but, I always only used to play supports in every single mmo/mmorpg, nowadays those enterprises are making the game a solo aoe grind fest and people are becoming more and more “lonely” in a f** on-line game with 2000000 people on, they’re all soloing the crap out of the world. After 10+ years being a player of mmo/mmorpgs its pretty disgusting to see how it is right now, can’t find a good game to be a healer now even if the game need healer people prefer to solo because it turned so mainstream that i dont know it just turned the soul of on-line games now. except those ones with dungeons that you can go in once a year in a party. (still soloable)

  4. Elsword is a great game, however after you hit level 40 it gets quite boring. I’m looking forward towards their next title “Fighters Club”, though I have no idea when its going to come out. The teaser site has been up for the past year.

  5. the only thing i dont like in guild wars 2 …. it doesnt have much END GAME content now that WvWvW its not that playable …:)

  6. magicman is in your opinion secret world worth it? ive been playing guild wars 2 non stop and loving it especially since its buy to play and i dont have to pay monthly.

    • I can’t say for Magicman,

      But i say yes at 30$ you can’t go wrong. On the website they do have a 5 day money back garantee, Test purpose’s of your pc handling this beast.
      I call it a beast for on ultra setting’s visually close to one of the best i have played in recent year’s.

      I love that it is not your typical mmorpg in that alot of thought went into the paths/story’s we encounter in this game.

      If you played GW2 up till now, I would reccomend this and you will get your money out of it.

      The item mall is basicly cosmetic ( you will never need it ) But for event’s like the last one we just had , do 30 quests and they reward you with 1200 coins to spend in the item mall. If you wanted to sub , Basicly the 15$ you pay monthly you get 12$ worth of item mall currency a month and all exapnsions are free.
      Expansion’s , Well the last one was only 5$ , pretty cheap, but i have logged an enormous amount of hour’s and i have not even seen or played 50% of the game.

      In short if your looking for a zombie mmorpg ,with challenging puzzle’s this is a must own for any gamer !


      • There are negatives of course:
        1) Stiff animations and horrible combat. I can kite anything all over and win. No challenge all dull/
        2) The story is not interesting. I Seriously felt more of a story in 8bit mmo…. and that is bad.
        3) Shotguns have cool downs…not reloads…COOL DOWNS… I think anyone at this point should uninstall.
        4) ALLOT of different features – flipping in first person shooter mode to targer mode, but it all FEELS NEUTRAL; not new or ground breaking…
        5) PC power!! Ummmm Auther of said article DOGGED Vindictus for being hard to run… WTF?? I run vindictus and AION on medium settings on my laptop ATI RADEON HD 5470 1GB…yes…it is that old…and yes I run those games smooth. well, between 60FPS and 30FPS, I can not run PLANET SIDE 2 (it super lags, but I played enough to get a feel for its situational, not strategic gameplay) and I cannot run this game. Looking into it it is not hte graphics as there is a direct X 9 support, it is the monster resource eating client. DONT up your graphics card for the GPU, it is all memmory! It eats it like no tommorow! UGHH just bad bad design….Seriously… This game should not have taken the cake. It is like DCU blandness covered in conspiracy theory flesh, but worse, because at least in DCU our guns work somewhat like guns, and not spells. SIGH.

        • When I say ‘ Auther of said article DOGGED Vindictus for being hard to run… ” it is because I responded to the same discussion elsewhere.

          • Thought you left here 6 months ago , or was that just more BS coming out of you !

            Go watch some more you tube vids and share your vast BS wisdom.

          • And you just copy pasted your posts which you do all the time even though it really didn’t make sense to do it here. 🙂 Anyway, there are pros and cons to the game (I didn’t sub after the 1st month specificaly because of the combat as you mention) but going buy to play made it “free” for me since I already had it and without the sub I am enjoying it.

  7. Mounted!:)..Magicman ro2 is not ip blocking i dont know if you read my other comment on the ro2 dicussion on mmobomb but it has a client that says other on the site i donwload that in it had 2 servers that says all in it has 1 thats for the 2 orginal open beta area but it has 2 that says all on both of those servers u can play on go check it out if you think im lying cause i have it installed in my computer in playing so go check it outt i can give u link if u want.

    • Totally agree! It’s not an “official” IP block. BUT Asiasoft IS saying on their facebook that if people are able to play outside of the specified countries it is because they are using proxies. I think it is a situation where “publicly” they are saying the right things to stay legal, but behind the scenes they aren’t really doing anything to stop people from accessing it through normal channels 🙂


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