In this episode of the Free-to-Play Podcast, the cast winds down, regroups, and reflects on the highs and lows of F2P gaming during 2013. Watch as each member discusses which F2P games they thought stood out in 2013, as well as which ones turned out to be major duds. All this plus your community comments on this years final episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!

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Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. They forgot a game that i consider to be a big failure. Defiance. Its a decent game there are just too many issues with the game to make it an amazing. Hopefully it will be updated when Season 2 goes out but who knows.

  2. My best moment in a game in the year of 2013 was when I got a penta-kill on League of Legends (My first one ever) with Jinx (After she was balanced/nerfed) and then proceeded to single-handedly kill the enemy inhibitor, two towers, a pesky teemo (Last to die that gave me the penta), and then the core all before the first member of the enemy team could respawn.

  3. There only have been let-downs in 2013 nothing else needs to be said about that year.
    I have a good feeling about 2014 though.

    • i agree. 2013 was very bad as far as games went imo. especially mmo’s. defiance was kind of a let down, not terrible but not great at all. Firefall was a disaster. kind of knew it would be but still held out hope. dragons prophet was ok. i unlocked the dragon slots and it still didn’t make the game all that engaging. not terrible but not great. War Thunder is good, but gets repetitive. session gaming usually bores me a bit after a while. my fav mmo of 2013 was p2p, and even that only held my interest for 2 months.

      the best thing about 2013 in gaming for me was to see the MMOBOMB staff deal with the changes and really start to come into their own. this episode was probably the best all year. you guys are really getting settled in and its nice to see. good luck to you in 2014, hopefully some games worth getting excited over release and give you guys something to be passionate about.

      for me in 2014, im looking forward to Wildstar. i really think its going to be a great game. plus i look forward to p2p, and b2p players have a game to exist in. unfortunately i don’t think f2p will get an entry in the next year, but you never know after that. Star citizen looks like it might be fun, but i cant get behind that project yet. my biggest hope for 2014 is the release of Oculus Rift. if the get that out this year then game like War Thunder, Eve and plenty of others will have a new injection of realism and immersion that will take games to the next level.

      hope everyone has a great 2014 and ill see you all in game hopefully. good luck and happy hunting.

      • Defiance best game of 2013, you mad cuz pwned. It has zombie game like elements. Generous f2p elements. Smoothest story telling. Open ended combat where you chose how to fight… Distance, up close, mele, etc. Less grind. Super themed dungeons. And my favorite…FUN. But if you are looking for “crysis engine -i win always because i farmed 6 months for best gun – pick one role combat – boo hoo zerg the twitchy hall way” … Yeah… This game not for you

        • mad cuz pwned? what are you 10? lol. how do you get pwned in Defiance? I only ever joined 3 pvp battles and won 2. the PVE isn’t even that hard. the one boss with clones was the most challenging. and as long as you used the environment to los it was very doable.

          I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings lol. put the client side damage back to the way it should be and then play it. if you don’t want to admit its flaws its most likely because you are exploiting them.

  4. For me the only decent new release of 2013 was Warthunder. (Not sure when Hawken released but that is nice casual one to hit too)

    Looking forward to the 2014 mmorpg releases, thinking maybe black desert more so because it hasn’t been beating a hype train. EQ landmark will probably give me a heads up / filler for EQ next.

    Star Citizen – if it’s anything like a mmo version of freelancer then this’ll be my main, won’t even wonder about eve online again…..

    Also hopefully the WT ground forces inclusion goes open / live soon. I like world of tanks but the in game abuse is just getting too much (not just at me but in general, it also seems to garner a lot of racial hatred – Next patch is supposed to allow you to switch off in game chat mind) one of the main guys involved in the game is sometimes a complete arse when answering a set q&a so I guess if you nurture that culture that’s what you’ll get..


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