Today on Bomblive we check out Aeria Game’s upcoming FPS F.E.A.R. Online. Based on the popular single player series, F.E.A.R. Online aims to bring the atmosphere of the original into a multiplayer PvP and PvE setting. Join us as we journey to discover just how scary a multiplayer shooter can actually be.


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  1. If this would have come out back in 2005 it might’ve been half-decent. As it stands now though it is visually poor, looks to have a lot of bad hit detection and even the gameplay feels as if it’s outdated. In short, it looks like dog $hit and will likely suffer the same fate that crossfire does–in that it sucks so hard barely anyone except hackers play it.

    F.E.A.R. in name only.

  2. i was excited about this game around the same time i quit AVA and was looking for a new shooter game, but now, i dont give a moose’s last shit about it anymore, i found BLR and its pleasing enough

  3. It’s pretty fun but it isn’t “FEAR” in any way. It doesn’t even start you off with the classic p90 styled weapon. The gun mechanics are absolutely nothing like FEAR either, doesn’t feel or play like it. Just generic fps type of feel. Graphics are very odd, as are the physics. The first person you get to shoot in the tutorial with a handgun flew into the ceiling, so the ragdolls are odd as hell but not an issue.

    There are also bows, what…? There were never any bows in any of the FEAR games, they’re quite powerful too. Snipers and bows seem a bit too powerful to me. People claim there are already hackers in it too. Another issue I have is that the maps seem really really tiny which is disappointing to me.

    There are a lot of odd translations and just text that makes no sense or isn’t clear. Sometimes if you fail it will say you succeed, sometimes if you succeed it will say you fail so I have no clue what’s going on. One of the objectives for deathmatch is “kill enemies 3 times in a raw”, yes, raw. I’m guessing that means 3 times in a row but I don’t know exactly what they are referring to. It’s not a kill streak of 3, I’m sure I’ve killed the same person 3 times throughout the match, still didn’t get that completed. I’m going to assume you have to kill the same person 3 times without dying yourself. It’s just not clear at all to me.

    Either way, it’s pretty fun but has absolutely nothing to do with FEAR aside from having Alma plastered everywhere. Doesn’t play like FEAR and doesn’t feel like FEAR. It’s very rough around the edges too. Only a 2gb download though.

    • I might be mistaking cuz alpha was a while back, but i think the game already had hackers back then. Also played a little a few days ago to and found some players that seemed to be using hacks.
      If the F2P model would be better and somehow they got rid of the hackers, this would be a very fun game.


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