Spunkify streams Destroyer gameplay of the Chinese Blade and Soul open beta. It’s quite a hoot, but is it worth playing in Chinese or should players hold off until its released locally? Tune in to find out!

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  1. This video is bad … the destroyer is like level 6 or 7, no skill unlocked …. no combo available … you should have make a video of a character at least level 20… After level 30, the combat are amazing !
    I am really disappointed.

  2. Any english players please come to 网通三区 / 披星戴月 server.
    There are some big english guilds on this server. I just started the game recently too but i`m
    bi-lingual in chinese & english so i`m not using any english patch.
    PM me for help if you need AkaiFist (Kungfu Master) BlueShard (Force Master)

  3. Good effort spunk. But playing a game where you do not know the language is very challenging!

    For example, there was a quest pop up constantly telling you to take the quest (purple quest) from quest box. That is the class specific quest. And in every dungeon you see a door with a black color symbol preventing you from entering its because u did not take any class quest. The purple quest starts from the 1st cave dungeon u entered and progress onwards giving you subsequest class quest. Taking quest is by alt and then clicking on a quest that appears on the quest box.
    2nd remember the wheel u were turning u need tokens for each spin try. They give u randomn rewards from purple weapon boxes to bo-pae boxes. (By the way if you look at the video you cancel a purple weapon box loot when u spin and won it on one of your tries initially) token are obtained from killing that world boss people are hitting and crowding around below the hill. Every kill gains 1-3 tokens, you only need to hit a few times to get tokens.

  4. Im disgusted. You just put up a video of a level 6 Destroyer and tried to showcase BnS and made it look awful.
    The least you could do is maybe showcase multiple classes of atleast level 20+ rather than a single class with absolutely no combo’s displayed in the video.
    And to the others that called it a grindy MMO, it takes 3 days to get to level 45 which is the cap.

  5. So I apologize in advance about expressing my negative opinions before I’ve even played Blade and Soul; but seriously this game is LITERALLY blown out of proportion.

    Don’t get me wrong the graphics are drool worthy and the combat system isn’t something new, but its the type of combat system I most prefer. But why is this game given so much props and what not when its just the same as any other grindy game?

    Why is it so hard for people to stop making typical mmos/mmorpgs and make something that steers away from the everyday mmorpg concepts?

    Companies, stop copying and pasting and just CREATE. You’re not getting anywhere with that strategy.

      • What you described is basically every game out there. What game doesn’t have some sort of grinding? Ultimately, the goal is to pass the time in an enjoyable fashion. If games don’t interest you then I suggest you look elsewhere. B&S has fluid immersive combat system and a good story-line, not that we can read at the moment. You can try smoking weed; it’s a good time killer if you don’t want to experience anything and just be mellow.

        • YouFunny, every game has grinding I know that much. My point is that you shouldn’t be able to notice it if the game is literally intriguing, sometimes you still notice grinding even when it’s captivating.

          A good example of a game I love playing but is grindy, Star Wars: The Old Republic; at some points in the game it might get annoyingly irritating with “quest updates” giving you more things to defeat (kill 20 such and such to kill 40 such and such) but what makes you forget about the grinding is the amazing storyboard and character involvement.

          Grinding shouldn’t be frustrating; it should be understood and enjoyable to do.

          • Are you saying Blade & Soul doesn’t have a storyline? It is kind of well known for it’s plot, hence the cutscenes. We may not be able to understand it, but it is definitely there.

  6. I am a lv 30 Assassin playing on the same server. I’m pretty familiar with the the game systems so if you have any questions I can possibly help.

    • Im sure everyone is eager to listen Anthony, especially if you know the language.

      however this was a nice review, that being sayd im looking forward to reading a post from Anthony next 🙂

      • Unfortunately I do not speak Chinese but I’ve done enough research to know comfortably what is going on. There are still a few things I need to look up but for the most part if anyone is interested in playing or stuck on something I can definitely help out.

        It’s really a great game and those who are worried about lag, there are ways to reduce it (free or pay). It won’t be equivalent to the Chinese pings, but it’ll make the game much more enjoyable. Even without using a ping booster the lag isn’t unbearable as Spunk shows. I get about 180 ms in Arizona, US without a booster and 80~110 with.

        The English patch that Spunk has also is continually being updated with more translations with most of the important ones already done (everyday I find new stuff translated) so don’t let the game being in Chinese scare you off either!

        • I have a question, I registered my acct. with QQ. I have my QQ# and password…I go to login to a game server and get another box with a little black box inside it…asking me to type something in it. I don’t have a clue what it is asking me…I have a screen-shot of it if you need to see the box?

  7. I believe the delay for the West is because they decided to develop it for next-gen consoles as that is where they would make the most money because the market is different from the East. Up until recently games consoles were illegal in China hence they have this now.

  8. Yeah game is epic fun and some devoted fans are working on english patch for it all the time if this video is telling about OBT of china BNS lol cant be bothered to check my self 😀

  9. ta for this stream, game looks pretty good. Might give this a try dependent on how my current games keep me happy.

    Curious why no IP block – will this still be open for live or is it just to use as a marker to interest a publisher for NA / EU?


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