On this week´s episode of Bomblive, Spunkify tries his best to combat the invading German forces in the persistent MMOFPS Heroes and Generals. Watch him score some lucky kills with his trusty M1 Garand and ride around on his trusty bicycle!

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  1. The game is good in itself, but it’s just not noob-friendly.
    You get shot from such large distances where you can not react or defend yourself, and the German teams seem to be at a large disadvantage in medium-close range thanks to their bolt-action rifles fighting semi-auto rifles on the Allied team.
    It seems that it must be a headshot to kill with the bolt-action in close-medium range, while an Allied soldier can shrug it off and 2 shot you.
    You sometimes slide across the ground, but I am not sure if it’s a glitch or if it adds to a realistic “stopping” mechanic.
    The performance is overall bad, and the balance does not seem all that great above…
    What I hope is that the developers add 2 more factions, like the British or the Soviet Union, so it will add some variety to which faction to choose.
    Since the game is moving towards open beta, I hope the developers will create a better tutorial or an extended tutorial for the players, and as well improve the performance, and add a few more weapons or factions.

    • este juego es lo peor que he visto desde battlefield 3 y sus grandes mapas.Ves 1 persona cada media hora y encima temata sin que te enteres

  2. this game is not good enough for me, especially when I play Red Orchestra 2 32 vs 32 battles these days.
    I don’t know the process of this game right now because I haven’t this game since several months ago . But what I know is this game is not so [realistic]. I saw that guy reload his m1 after only 2 shoot by his One Hand while hes Swimming…

  3. Game has no future, horrible interface,below-par graphics, ghost-town lobby, inaccurate hitmarks, not noob-friendly (You have to play at least 20 games with a successful score to play a role other than a GI w/ M1..), and while we’re on there, yeah the costs to play a different are incredibly expensive, almost FORCING you to pay…

  4. That was a good stream and a funny one as well i actually tryed the game and suprisingly enough my problem wasnt the hackers or anything like that or bad generals or whatever but it was the “unpopulated” maps i literaly walked(or run if u wish) 2 miles so i can eventunally get sniped by someone i didnt even ever saw his position or anything thats what it killed it for me big maps but no people so i quit after like 30m-1h i played the game

        • Agreed, I only play single player older FPS, like far cry 2. All the titles I have played usually have some major suck factor that kills it. I do admit, A.V.A. was fun, even the hackers could not out power a well grouped team in some match modes. Other times they did ruin it, but I usually have a very balanced game experience, and just played in decent rooms. 1 out of 4 rooms had maybe a hacker. All I can say is that it was not hacked enough to where it ruined the fun for me. I could change a room and problem solved. But that was before the Aeria games transfer. Not sure how it is now.
          But every other twitch fest crap clone is hack invaded, the worst I ever played (besides older titles like combat arms) was Army Rage, where they promoted hackers and even gave them their own locked lobby rooms titled: “testing hack”. LOL.
          I have a little hope for this game and that is that it can learn to not be like PS2, and get some good strategy gameplay, not situational, and then it wont be “easy”.

          • Yup, I prefer my fps game’s bought , Love CoD,Medal of Honor,L4D,Far Cry…But these game’s i play ( Beside’s the L4D series) I love them for the single player campaign’s..
            The only multi player game that i played the most was CoD 2 when it first released.. But thats around the time that shorty after hacks started joining the fps pvp game’s.
            Battle Field Heroe’s when it was in CBT and full of hacker’s..( I quit even testing them around that time.)
            Sorry i hate that term for them..I will use the word i like for them the most .Script Kiddie’s.. We all know 95% of them don’t know how to hack..Just copy and paste.



    • I didn’t played H&G much lately, but the little i played i did not see or heard about hackers. The most annoying problem i experienced was with the inexperienced generals. I remember last time i played everyone was ragging on some dude that fk us badly. Started a mission with almost no reserves. I could not even play on that mission, me and 1 or 2 other players could not even spawn. It was a fast loss. I am not trying to pretend i know much about the RTS elements on H&G or how it works, but during alpha i never encountered this type of problems, generals have a much to bigger impact on the game now.
      On the other hand after seeing the prices on upgrades and weapons one has to wonder what impact can a F2P player have on the game. I get the impression f2p players do the shooting (don’t get me wrong, that is fun to), but i guess the players that pay actually win the wars.
      Now i might be wrong about this, but this is the impression the game left on me. I’m not a FPS fan anyway, so i don’t feel very affected about their f2p model, but still not good impression.
      Ignoring the F2P model, H&G is definitely fun.

      • ACtually, thanks to hackers we have private servers to tear out of the ugly hands of corporate greed. I play on a fully hacked AION server and it is the best game experience I ever had with great community. SO much better than the actual game forge or Ncsoft servers. But yeah, the main stain consumer will usually be detered by their little annoyances :=) µ£µµµ£

    • You are wrong, didn’t saw tons of hackers since combat arms in any game.
      But ofcourse every game gets it’s few hackers, like you can pass Battlefield 3 and Call of duty BO2 cause they have their hackers aswell, well you have to pass almost all the games except unpopular ones wich hackers don’t even mind to hack.


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