This week on Bomblive, Spunkify turns to the streets of Gotham in search of justice served with a side of destructibility. Turbine’s DC-Multiverse MOBA has reached super-sonic levels as it barreled into Open Beta last week. The Open Beta has brought three new heroes and Infinite’s third map to the table, but is the allure of a well established comic book universe enough to help Infinite Crisis find its own place among the MOBA titans? Tune in to find out!

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  1. Hmm on March 22, 2014

    This game seems fun. I will give it try

  2. Bleh! on March 20, 2014

    Omgf that beard <3
    Aww Spunky…

    • Bleh! on March 20, 2014

      *Omfg, ops.

    • tolshortte on March 20, 2014

      I actually thought the same thing. Spunk, how does your wife feel about that thing? lol. it doesn’t suit you.

  3. iviko on March 20, 2014

    Thanks, but i think i’ll pass on this one.

  4. K.C on March 19, 2014

    Mounted….and anyone notice the new mmobomb logo???

    • Phanda on March 20, 2014

      lel , no cuz its small

    • vitaly on March 24, 2014

      where are you on map?