On this week’s Bomblive we jumped into Neverwinter! Check out the game for the first time as Magicman plays it for the first time! It doesn’t get any FRESHER than that!

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  1. READ THIS! mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/634/feature/7129/Get-Everything-You-Want-By-Playing.html#post

    STAY AWAY this will end up like all their other titles of pure garbage.
    WOW, ok where to start: 1) ‘”We’re doing this acrobat routine without a net. We’re going full free. Ground up. We’re not starting as a subscription game and changing. This is a free game from day one. So, our current presale options do not include monthly stipends that usually accompany lifetime subscriptions (like STO). I’m not sure that there’ve been many Western MMORPG”s to do this from the beginning and I’m on the edge of my seat to see what happens. ” – DO you all understand what this means? IT IS EXACTLY LIKE PWE, and all their other titles. THERE ARE NO MONTHLY SUBS in PWE but we all know it is the most expensive “F2P” PAy to win POS on the markey. They are saying the removed the tier payment from STO like it is a good things THIS IS A BAD THING!
    2) Star Trek is great because fans pay and ALLOW the market to be balanced with dilithium, in game coins, and cash shop coins. I can level up to level 10 and get over 2K dilithium in quests right now. Go to the market and turn it in for Zenny or put it up to gain in game cash. The prices are balanced because PEOPLE PAY MONTHLY for the tiered BENEFITS.
    Now, log into all their other GAMES that have no TIER payments (PWE) and it is all over priced broke economy. The billions of ingame gold to get 1 of anything forces you to do dungeons and attempt to sell the same item to some poor sucker who still doesnt get it. Soon everyone stops bein that sucker, and realisez ‘I need X item to get into dungeon to get item to make money. BUT I cant do item without item so I do not have money…so how to get item to start the cycle?’ YOu pay REAL cash, by the thousans, to stay on this expanding comeptitve edge. Soon, enough suckers stop to exist, only guys with gambeling like addiction problems are there to pump time and or cash into this system and it is a game over scenario. Gamers usually just F2P there for the social aspect not the gameplay. This is something you cannot do in Never Winter as it is instanced world soooo…IT is really a crap chute for the wallet.
    3) He sort of lies saying ‘ I’m not sure that there’ve been many Western MMORPG”s to do this from the beginning” HELLOOOO your PWE partnership…all their games started like this! YOURS from CRYPTIC (STO) IS THE ONLY ONE they signed on that has tiers. SO YES, they existed before and they are HORRIBLE!

    4) God, brainless consumers wake up! BOYCOTT this garbage! Do not play it unless they install a better F2P model. Frankly, It is not surprising, and Star Trek is the ONLY PWE game I play because CRYPTIC still has a great model at a low price. Id play PWE if it had a sub and sub perks. But as it is , NO TIERS = MAss cash by the thousands to stay competitve.

    In conclusion, I am enjoying and not leaving TERA and or AION, their club (tier) model keeps EVERYTHING balanced. I also play STO, and have used enough in game BALANCED play and progress to buy cash shop items (just ships and some crew). I only throw down 15 bucks MAX on these games and maybe once a year….so I am happy. I have been in PWE greedy NON TIERED models. This not only creates vicious cycles of piss poor economy, but does put a cap on game play progression. AVOID THIS TITLE!

    • Actually this is a better link, so you dont have to scroll up allot::

  2. Oh goshn PWE at the helms but CRYPTIC behind the magic… This can either flip or flop. Or both. Best CRYPTIC balanced title where F2P is robust and enjoyable: Star Trek. IT is marked with PWE attempt to lockbox and cash shop unlock everything, which they lost players over and quickly removed or lessened in a patch (season).
    Then you have this foundry thing that started in STar Trek and found it’s way in every NEW PWE game (except its flag ship titles PW, and FW, and the older ones…LOL). RaiderZ was a joke with this model and a total flop.
    So STar Trek as a FLIP, RaiderZ as a FLOP. Here we go PWE, what ya gonna do? May the force be with you CRYPTIC! We all know (those that understand the biz) that this project is paid for x5 over, so please stop begging for coke and hooker vegas cash from the community!

  3. Not bad at all. Reminds me of Baldur’s Gate : Dark Alliance. Used to play that back in the day on my PS2 and had tons of fun. Hope that fun translates well into the mmo scene. Looking forward to it.

  4. im glad i got into the beta weekends. I thought at first this game would be pretty bad but i was wrong and FYI none of these videos does the game justice, there is so much more to the game than is whats shone. I hate when people say “pass'” or “this looks like crap” because these are the same people im going to see in game when open beta hits, and all that crap they spewed on the forums on every MMO website to date are going to be back after a few months saying, “i gave it a try and loved it”, even though they bashed it to death because they didnt get into closed beta. So to sum it up, wait for the game to hit open beta and try it for your self, then bash it if you hate it. If I based every game on a video or first look or reviews, I would never have played some of the best games in my opinion.

    • Also I hate it when people say “This is not true D&D” when the people making this statement either know nothing about D&D or just played DDO and “Think” they know everything about D&D. I’ve been playing D&D pnp since the 80’s so and I love Neverwinter, any fan of D&D will love Neverwinter. And I hate it when people who think there D&D experts alwasy typ it as “DnD’ or “D and D”. Thats how you know who the posers are.

      • You make ZERO sense. 1) You hate people that say “this is not true DnD” but why?? You never stated why you hate them. IS this game LIKE DnD??? Can you prove it? IF YOU PLAYED DnD on pen and paper you will actually understand why people say that. The experience is very different, and more and more children are playing more stupid clik clik *turn off brain* video games then fleshing out the imagination on pen and papper…Not to mention the mechanics in video games compared to paper rpg are flawed.
        ALSO, I use DnD because my “and” sign is not on my EU keyboard (well it is, but I am running EU windows environment on a US keyboard so it is hidden). Try creating arguments that have points and some sense.

  5. I refuse to play this until they get some ranged classes… casters and archers… lets go make it a real Dungeons and Dragons game. Until then I’ll be in Tera even tho I have a beta key and have used it… I hate playing melee.

    • The game is in closed beta and they already stated that more classes and races are coming in open beta and launch. Check your facts first before posting.

  6. SO cant wait to play this game, been a DDO player for couple years now and played the heck out of neverwinter nights1&2 i am definatly a ip person and would gladly pay for a founders pack ……….if i didnt already sub to swtor n just bought tera lol anyways great show long time fan keep them coming

    • *Facepalm* SUbbed for Star Wars and bought TERA….oh man….I do not think there is any less worse compulsory things to purchase on this planet…except zenny or 20 dollar box version of WoW…

  7. Yep.. Has Dungeons and Dragons in the name.. Yep.. It’s new.. But, I am going to skip this one.. Not what I imagined when it comes to a Dungeons and Dragons game..

    • What where you expecting? It always was advertised as the MMO. Where you some how expecting Pen and paper to the letter here? e.e

      • Well.. Classes, for one.. And not just some pre-made choices like “Guardian Fighter”, I suppose even DDO had a decent version of this closer to the name of course. The choice of races are fine and although the character creation tool could have been a bit more “open” like an Aion or such, it wasn’t bad looking.

        The thing that really sends me packing is the combat and the equip rules.. Very arcade like, which could have been fine with weapon physics and things like weapon weight, fatigue and dismemberment. (Don’t bother attacking with the “well, we don’t like tab target etc etc.. Because spamming tab and spamming a mouse button become literally the same thing after the 2000 mob) Fighters in D&D core have been known to wield many types of weapons. Are they locked to swords and shields or greatswords (like Vindictus)? Is there a narrow pidgeon-holeing of characters?

        In most D&D games I have played, choices were a part of the game. Just seemed so limited.

        I dunno, I guess I wasn’t really paying too much attention to have researched what this game was supposed to be before viewing this.. All I kept hearing was how cool it was and how every MMORPG should follow in its footsteps..

        I respectfully disagree..

        • Paper DnD, open world of imagination, do whatever you want, just roll against the DM to see if it is possible. I can masturbate with my off hand while fighting a dragon with my right hand, but I will have to suffer mental issues, distraction penalties, and armor weakness for exposure.
          DnD single player VIDEO GAMES are more about text box reading and following a frame of video game rules. Less freedom of imagination and more “play in this world; and do exactly THIS.” More like a choose your own adventure book.
          DDO: Just an instanced mmorpg with DnD copy rights removed so they can use the class name and rip off the cities and world names and stories and add DnD rules to skill creation. But that is about it. On pen and paper you can do infinitly more actions with your skills. Also, no video game can incorporate the magical planes that exist in the DnD realm…but that is going down a large rabbit hole.
          NeverWinter. Just PWE trying to get cash on have copy right title. LEss kids reading and using imagination, mire mush brains herded in for the credit card numbers. The treadmill that luls the cows in to the baldes is called F2P.

  8. I mounted the guy that mounted the mount is all i have to say about that Looks fun too bad us poor people wont be able to play for a while… my guess is i will play wild star before this


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