This week on Bomblive, Spunkify stalks the rooftops of Nosgoth as a ferocious vampire in search of unsuspecting morsels. His hunt wont prove easy however, as the forces of Seraphim are keen on driving the Vampire race out of Nosgoth and into extinction. Who will prevail in this age old struggle of man and Vampire?

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    • Right now it is in closed beta, So you would have to apply and get an invite as far as I know. Pretty good game at this point, though the controls are still a bit clumsy.

  1. Ok after playing some of the game and making sure i can speak freely of the game i must say this, there is nothing new to see here, the game is a grindfest and the moment of the characters feals clonky for instance try to sprint diagonaly lol dont work.

    After each game About 10 minutes you gain exp and aditional loot and gold that you will later spend on stuff in the store, the only + side here is that u currently can buy for both gold and the bought currency, the downside is obvius its more or less p2w in the sentence that you can flash your card and buy the store and hence get the cooler shit faster and beat the hell oput of newbs.

    This is a money cow, soul reaver? where? there is nothing in this game that holds a candle to it.

    I would suggest people play dota 2, hell even warframe with its updates is worth a look again.

    Wish i had good news people but i can honestly not recommend this game.

    • That’s called p2get ahead. Not p2w. I’m having no problem getting the shit I want while playing normally, without purchasing anything with real money. Skill still take prevalence over items for the most part in this game. If a human can’t land shit, they die. If a Vampire doesn’t take time to properly stalk the opponents and make opportunities, he dies.


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