On this episode of Bomblive, Spunkify is thrown into a land of Drawves, Orcs, and Wizardry with the recently released action MMO Panzar. Watch as he shows off the various intriguing classes Panzar has to offer. From the brute forced Orcs who can slam players away with powerful swings, to the drunken Dwarves whose technological gadgetry is often better at dealing death blows to foes then they are. All of that mixed in with a little roguish backstabbing and you’ve got this week’s episode of BombLive!

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  1. This game is a massive Pay to Win game leave it if you dont wanna pay money. At level 5 you get matched with level 15 people which smash you like nothing. Without paying it will take years of farming if you are not lucky in crafting chances.

    Now i know why so less people play it

  2. The game itself is nice, its quite balanced and it has a really fun gameplay, it also have high quality graphics.
    But its a couple of hours fun, that’s all.
    Because it is pure pay to win.
    The most crucial things to have in-game are potions, without them you will be crushed pretty easily.
    After couple of hours gameplay, your potions end up being all used. (you get 40 potions Health, Mana and Energy after the tutorial) then you have to either buy them with crystals (which are bought with cash) or buy the recipe and forge them.
    After each match you get random loots, so it is going to take hours of looting just to forge a couple of potions, which end up instantly used in-match.
    So I’m pretty disappointed that I can’t enjoy this game for more than couple of hours.

  3. YOu can’t patch horrible game design. Combat is stupid. Just run in and swing. The hits never feel like it connects, you just sit and wait for a body to fall… Super forced class play. BAD customization. I wanted to keep it installed for the “cheap fun, maybe even humorous gameplay”…nope…
    Just not even worthy to be existing. I would rather play a single player rpg on my mobile device than burn an hour on this garbage. I uninstalled pretty fast.

    • what a professional review, what aggressive and constructive criticism even though it’s based solely on a personal opinion, good job my lad, you’ve truly proved your point

      • I sorry I ragequit from losing and I get so mad that I post over and over that I hate this game.

        The doctors say I has ass burgers…maybe from eating poop all the time?

    • wow .. just wow lol .. actually not going to try this game because of this review its actually a great review lol. and explains exactly what i would have quit for so you saved me some time ty 🙂

      • The problem with that is he’s completely wrong.

        If you like action/fps/tps games (think Team Fortress 2) you will love this game. <3

    • SPOILER: he uninstalled because he sucked at it.

      I top games on every class, and I don’t have any premium stuff.

      <3<3<3<3<3 panzar 4evar <3<3<3<3<3<#<3

  4. its p2w dont even bother… slow to get gear especially late game. plus you have a 10% chance of NOT CRAFTING stuff and wasting a weeks worth of grinding!!!!1 dafuq is that srsly.. THIS GAME IS THE DEFINITION OF P2W once you are past lvl 5ish you start runnin into the ppl that played.. especially on the german servers. my god everybody over they pays for this game

      • They are removing pay to win and adding a lobby thing while your waiting for matches in the next patch which comes out around may 10-15 they confirmed this.

    • You are so noob , are way , WAYYY BETTER !! a gear enchanted to +8 or +9 than runes or amulets , that is way you died so fast !! , and in addition when you pass lvl to 5 you match make with up to lvl 9 people , so 4 more lvls are deadly . AND IN ADDITION ON 10th to 15th , the devs sayed that in the next manor patch the ” p2w” aspect will be fixed


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