Off of two weeks of nothing but carnage and death, Magicman is determined to make it through the entire live stream without dying. Playing Path of Exile, a dungeon crawler like Diablo, it shouldn’t be too bad. However, chat has not only turned Magicman’s dying into a drinking game… they have also turned on him and fail to warn him of low HP… check it out here!

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  1. I get to try Path if Exile now too. Hadn’t been checking cause i never win anything and my name had been selected in the random draw about a week or two back.

  2. Combat starfish here it was fun playing with you lol die drink a beer…stand still for the boss to kill you lol i tried my best to keep you alive next time we try Hardcore mode lol

  3. Damn an hour and a half long ,To long for me to sit here.

    I’d rather be gaming myself , I will give you my hour + on the Cast , But sorry friend, Way to long for me.


    • I hear ya boss! We kind of just throw up the LiveStreams for anyone that wants to watch but couldn’t make it. The REAL fun is showing up to the live streams!

      • I understand the concept,Just my job atm has me working 12-16 hour days and the live streams fall on my work day’s.

        I was at your very first live stream though,And i Will book the day off for your 1 year anniversary of the Cast, Looking forward to it.

        On another note, Magicman/Michael , You really do a Fantastic job with this site,Pumping out content and new show’s alot lately.The dedication you show towards MMMOBomb,To me far succeed’s anything that should be asked from you.
        We the community know that it is not Your site, But , Damn you sure do make it hard for anyone not to think of Magicman when the name MMOBomb is Ever mentioned.

        Peace Man


        • That is VERY kind of you to say sir and I am pleased that you and others enjoy some of the things we post here. We all (Me, Jessica, Spunkify and EVERYONE else behind the scenes) try to make it fun but also unique. I think we are doing that well. We certainly have a different feeling of “community” than any site I ever visited 🙂

          And that’s because of all the MMOBOMBERS! 🙂

          • Yeah I used to browse other sites for gaming media and didn’t een know about mmobomb. There is seriously a sense of community with you guys and gamers teaming up in different games. Some very good shows and casts on your end and the fact that you actually take the time to talk to people who post on the site helps keep it a fun and reliable source for us to turn too. On top of that you are one of the few sites dedicated entirely to free gaming which is bringing in new visitors constantly as free to play is becoming a big deal to players on a budget or who simply don’t want to pay when you can get it for nothing.

  4. It will enter Open Beta in December 2012. Wanted to play this game for a long time but I don’t even want to play it for 5 minutes if I know my char gets deleted after the Closed Beta.

  5. Its still in beta… wow… what a fail. Seems to me that they are just trying to milk people with “buy our beta” shit as long as possible.

    • hardly…they had been developing if for well over a year when i got in last year and they only added the option to buy into beta after one of their stress test weekends when they got masses of people wanting in and even then they took quite a while to go with that…also your not really buying into the beta but are buying currency for the cash shop which they give you the beta key with…just as a freebie

    • So far it hasn’t been confirmed or sourced on the one site that has even mentioned it. Waiting on additional confirmations before we post something like that. Thanks though! 🙂


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