Today on Bomblive, Spunkify masters his inner MMO as he attempts to showcase PvP in Forge! Does Forge have what it takes to make it as a competitive F2P game? How does it compare to other skill-based arena titles? Find out on this episode of Bomblive!

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Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. yea.. thanks for having my back… you guys are the best.. but yea… basically every game is a moba if you think of it that way…. ANYWAAAAYYYY… the game is pretty cool, fast paced… skill based.. but i don’t think it has what it takes to be an esport… needs to be balanced and worked on a bit more.. especially on the feedback you get when you throw spells at players.. but it is the closest game so far to something intense and awesome … warhammer tried it a while back… but they dropped the project because of lack of love… but i think a good way to approach this is to bring in cry engine 3 or udk into it… something like what the guys from panzar are trying to do… but with better ability design so it can give you a variety of ways to use them, im sure no one that matters will read this post but whatevz…

  2. Does it have what it takes to be an eSport? Not yet. It has a pitifully small playerbase that would struggle to even organize a dev-sponsored tournament. Playerbase is tough to cultivate and grow, but if they can manage that there’s still going to be more than a few hurdles in it’s balancing. It’s incredibly difficult to competitively balance games, and Forge makes a sporting effort at it, but there are still some obvious issues and even more minimal ones to get it tournament-ready.

    Does it have the potential? Every game does. Will it achieve it? It’s more possible than other games for sure, but it’s still no easy task. That said, I’m rooting for ya Forge. I’ll come back to you.

  3. Its a quite interesting game, and the last thing to care about is whether its a “moba“ or not.
    Few things I notice, while spending around 5 hrs or so:

    – really nice graphics. While not something unmatched, those gloomy and dark art style does its best to emphasize violent and competitive nature of Forge.
    – good music. Audio track definitely fits to what is happening on the screen.
    – solid gameplay. While both energy bar, shared between sprinting/casting, and basic movement speed may feel frustrating at first (it can take a while to cross a map from one side to another), those features actually brings more tactical depth to the game. Thinking and planing are preferable to running around and randomly mashing buttons from 1 to 8.
    – not p2w. By leveling up player get access to side grades rather than upgrades.
    – great time saver. Actually, #1 plus to me. Forget about grinding for the max lvl and those mediocre “true mass pvp” titles. If you like pvp and value your time – give it a shot.

    Thanks for stream, Michel. Hope you enjoy doing it.

          • lol.. dude… mobas are lane based tower based games… this is arena based… wtf you talking about son? first of all mobas are games like dota, lol, heroes of newerth… etc … that are isometric view and include bots fighting endlessly in lanes … and you can buy and sell items and bal bla .. this is skill based arena game… i don’t know what dictionary you read but this is defenetly not a moba…

          • if you go by the generic definition ( letter by letter) then you might also say that cod is moba… right? arena based? team vs team? … or unreal tournament… or counter strike… or team fortress…it’s also an online multiplayer arena based game… right?????? X( but we… ahem “gamers” use this not as a general definition for basically all multiplayer games.. but we use it as a definition for particular cases… cause if you wanna get technical you need to estables subclasification of types of games depending on camera angle, pace, match-leveling, etc.. so that would be stupid…. so please drop the smartassness and get with the times

        • Lazy…?Which Part of (M)ultiplayer (O)nline (B)attle (A)rena (MOBA) didnt you understand?
          To you see “lanes” in the name? “to you see the word “turrets” in it?

          Its a fact that this game is a moba. Its also a fact that a moba doesnt need to have lanes, turrets and minions. Look up some sites (i would start with wiki in your case)
          Like the name itself already says. Multiplayer Online Battle arena.
          DO you call..i dont know…GTA a racing game because it has cars and some race tracks in it? i dont think so…

          • ok you clearly don’t get it.. THIS GAME IS A F>UCKING MOBA but moba is a very genneral term.. cause ALL multiplayer games are mobas if you think of it that way… except mmos which are not arena based but are big world based…. but there is a subclasification.. for example unreal tournament is a FPS moba, , dota is a isometric view with minnions and level ups moba… panzar is a 3’rd person view moba… but what im sayng is that in the gamer world, Moba’s are usually the dota specific type of game.. with lanes and turrets… do you understaind now?


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