This week, another FPS comes up on the docket. Viewers just love to watch Magicman get rocked and this game is no exception. He holds his own in the “American Football” type mode, but how does he fare when combat matters the most? You probably already guessed but watch to find out for sure!

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  1. It’s not about abitious. It’s technology. This is what MMO game need to have. This is why Age of Wushu being popular. It’s very attractive to combine PVP and MMO.

  2. They game is good but there is alot of bugs here are some known hackers and auto aim bot users in the game

    Hoofer, Deltron,CSweat, Thecno and many more

  3. yes im looked the game, i see permanent with rl money, its rl garbage, good game but i think pay to win.

    your give rl money you win…

    i think im load gotham,,

  4. I played it back in Beta. They did reduce the game speed and nerfd the melee attack speed. No more granades if u pick up ammo. Its like they didnt care about our feedback. still some of the same bugs around. its ok but nothing spezial and the item shop is awsome. 20$ for perma weapon. lol

    • Sure sounds like Battlefield Heroes, some weapons were temporary bases on time (days/months) then there were permanent which a P2W advantage.

  5. I cant find any reason why would you even consider looking at this game its a fps game 20 years behind in time its like watching doom or quake 1 yust dont put soo low games here its yust pisses on this website 🙂


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